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Marc Davison

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  1. Marc Davison

    Rye Field Mid Production Tiger I

    Nice Tigers. Not cammo, but i sprayed my protze in red primer and then use the hairspray technic on the wings which gave this effect, so ought to be ok on 3 colour cammo:
  2. Marc Davison

    Tamiya Stug IV and Panzer II

    Hi, The pz II colour was the result of various web trawls to fidn the right colour and then probably painting it the wrong colour I think I started off here, http://www.miniatures.de/colour-ral-farben.html or another similar site and then went off on a tangent trying to then get Tamiya equivalent colours. Probably supposed to be Grünbraun with Graugrün over it. Cheers Marc
  3. Marc Davison

    Tamiya Stug IV and Panzer II

    I followed up the Stug with a Panzer II Thanks for looking. Marc
  4. Hi, I've been an on and off modeller since I was a kid, but always been a plane man. Having got fed up with spending more time filling and sanding fuselage joins I thought I'd give armour a go. My first effort was the Stug IV, it's not perfect, I noticed a few unfinished bits when I took the pics. The moulded tracks were a disaster but the 3rd Party tracks I've got are a nightmare so it can stay as is for now. https://photos.app.goo.gl/zCehEHcKJyysvrBF3 Thanks For Looking
  5. Marc Davison

    First Diorama

    Er nope, pretty much my first figures but have been doing a lot of reading / watching videos. Only the 2 foot soldiers are fully finished, painted with Tamiya flesh and then used oils to shade in. I've invested in a few Vallejo flesh tones now, but definitely find with figures you have to be in the right mood to paint! Marc
  6. Marc Davison

    First Diorama

    Hi Badder, thanks for the comments, I know what you mean about the trees and have read up a little more on making trees since then, ready for my next attempt. I've got a Tamiya Churchill on the go at the moment so maybe a Bocage diorama next. Marc
  7. Marc Davison

    First Diorama

    Thanks, I did originally intend to put tyre tracks in but then forgot when I was trying to get the plaster of paris formed.
  8. Marc Davison

    First Diorama

    Hi, Excuse the poor quality pictures. (taken with google pixel XL) I've mostly been a wings person and dip in and out of building models as and when time allows. I've found building armour more rewarding as it seems to need a lot less sanding and filling seams! Here is my first attempt at a Diorama, using 3 Tamiya Kits. It's not 100% complete, steering wheel is still to be attached and some of the figures are still to be finished off. Kits are Tamiya BMW and Sidecar, Tamiya Protze and Tamiya Flakvierling. Diorama base was made from scratch and the landscape was made from plaster of paris. The drainage ditches havent worked, I used woodland scenics water effects (rather than real water by accident) and it just kept disappearing after a few days. Google Photos Album
  9. Marc Davison

    Fujimi Mig-21PF(Early) 1/72 Anyone seen it?

    Hi, picked up the Black Lynx kit on ebay last week bundled with a Hobby Craft SU-22 for a reasonable price. The Fujimi kit looks very nice, the Hobby Craft not so nice. The seller was selling off a few auctions with multiple kits of russian aircraft etc which did seem to include some other fujimi mig 21 kits. Not sure what the ettiquette is on here about posting details of auctions / sellers so I wont post for now... Marc.