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  1. Hello ! Here is my new finished model, a B-25G from Italeri ( ref 1309 ; 1/72 ). The kit was released in 2011 and is actually unavailable nowadays. The mould was quite old ( at least from the 90s, maybe even before, I wanted to check on scalemates but their website seems to be broken right now ) and was used for a long serie of B-25s during many years. This is a good kit, even if the new Airfix one is probably far better, from what I've seen and read ( haven't tried it at the moment ). I think I bought the Italeri kit before the new Airfix' B-25 came out, but anyway I wanted to build the G version. The kit is rather good despite some imperfections and the rough aspect of some pieces. I won't make a long review of it since everybody will now buy the new Airfix B-25 So, let me present you a b-25G from 823rd Bombardment Squadron, 38 BG, New Guinea ( 1944 ), quite dirty after landing
  2. Hello, thanks ! I've read the article from your link. It looks interesting I'll have to take a closer look.
  3. Hello Chris, Great job with your B-52 ! Indeed it seems that you didn't put thinner in your paint. Unfortunately with acrylics it's almost essential in many cases. Which brand do you use ? How many layers did you apply ? Also, the choice of the brushes is quite important. Nevertheless it's evident that painting such a big aircraft only with brushes requires time and patience
  4. Hello, I recently finished the Bismarck at 1/700 scale that I started to build in... February. It took me over 7 months to finish it even though I stopped building it during several weeks -especially this summer-. This is my first model ship : usually I build planes models, but this time I decided to make a naval one. I found that the Bismarck in its 1941 scheme was interesting. So before showing you the photos, let me tell you more about the kit and the construction. I guess many of you know a lot about Trumpeter's 1/700 ships range. In my opinion the mould is great, the pieces are well designed and almost fit perfectly to each other. I only had two problems : I had to rework a piece on the upper deck and one of the turbine was skewed. As it's my first naval model I don't know a lot about naval kits in general so I can't compare this one to others. I have no airbrush, all is made with brushes. I wanted to add antennas by stretching sprue, but it was a total failure. Then I tried some wire but I didn't manage to fix it. So finally I gave up . I don't know much about these techniques and it would be useful for my planes so if you have some tips, if you know good tutorials etc, I'm interested ! My next build will probably be a B-25G Mitchell 1/72 from Italeri, so see you on the aircraft section ! Comments are welcome
  5. Hi Simon, I think the most important thing in modelling is amusement. Even the most experienced and challenging modellers build models because it brings something positive out of them. I'm new on this site even if I've been doing models for a few years now, There are very talented and skilled people here, so welcome !
  6. Whaaaaat ! This is your second model... Are you serious ? This is a very good work I would recommand you to watch some movies if you haven't already. Like Tora-tora, Battle of britain, Midway... And also to read some magazines. I don't know which magazines you have in Australia but here in France with have some that are quite good like "Aero-journal". You can learn many things on different aircrafts and after that you want to build them
  7. Thanks for these informations, I will look at this
  8. It looks very good, great finish ! I also envisage to build this kit soon. I would have liked the same plane in 1/48 : does anybody know which is the better P-40E/N version in 1/48 scale ? I mean we can easily find a P-40 early version in 1/48 (Academy, Airfix... ) but not these..
  9. Poupichoups

    Hi All

    Well that's me saying welcome to you, I'm new here too. I think this is a great place with great people.
  10. Hi everybody, I'm 24 years old and I'm living in northern France. I've been doing models since the age of 8, although I've made a break for 4 or 5 years. In 2014 I decided to start again, and I've visited this forum from time to time as a guest. I mostly build aircrafts ( 1/72 and 1/48 ) but I did some tanks by the past and I'm currently working on a 1/700 ship ( KMS Bismarck, Trumpeter ). I'm not a professional modeller, I even haven't an airpsray so I paint all my models with brushes Here are some of my lastest built models (sorry for the bad photo quality...) : The new Typhie next to the older, actually the first model I've built when I was 8
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