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  1. This maybe? http://www.550squadronassociation.org.uk/images/550-sqdn-aircraft/Lancasters-AugSept-45-NorthKillingholme.jpg From here: http://www.550squadronassociation.org.uk/pages/550-sqdn-photos-aircraft.php Dan
  2. I think you mean the FN82 turret. It's supplied with all the latest tool Airfix Lancasters so there should be plenty around:
  3. Definitely a Mk.I due to small carburetor intakes on top of the engine cowlings and lack of oil coolers underneath Dan
  4. Does anybody know if Airfix are attending Scale ModelWorld and, if so, will there be any product announcements?
  5. I'm certain it's an error as I can only find DZ534 to be a Mk.IV Dan
  6. They actually leaked it at Scale Model World in 2017 (Bottom left): I don't know if anyone else noticed?
  7. Thank you Phone Phixer that helps loads, I’ll pass it on.
  8. It seems to have been confirmed as a Microcell Countermeasures Pod.
  9. Thanks for the response, the ALE40 info helps! The variant of the Buccaneer is the S.2 and the skin is just a base, it's possible to make your own skins so imagine the aircraft not being depcited as a specific airframe but more of the S.2 in general (But not the S.2A or S.2B etc.). A few of us have been unable to find any photos or general information on the fit of flares to the Buccaneer, especially the type in the image.
  10. Hi all, is anyone able to identify the flare/chaff dispensers in this photo from the game War Thunder? Thank you for any help in advance.
  11. Aeroclub Halifax Correction Set - I have something for a Halifax. Can you advise what the number is so that I can see if it is what you are looking for.


    The clear parts have yellowed 

    1. WhitleyZ6743


      Hi, thanks for getting in touch.

      The product codes I can find are either V244M or V244G in respect to the two types of radiator they contain. It’s the nacelle correction kit I’m looking for.




    2. Cyberduck


      Sorry not what I have.


      There is something on Hannants' website AML AMLA72044 which may help

  12. I'm not sure if it will be the same people/person behind it but I nearly placed an order on one such website with a weird name in the past. The Airfix Whitley Mk.VII was £11 a kit (£39ish RRP) and I thought it was odd they had every model I could think on their site for way cheaper than RRP. It is showing as a secure HTTPS site but there's nothing to say they won't steal your details as soon as you submit an order with them, probably a reason it hasn't been pulled down.
  13. I'm fairly certain this wesbite is a scam. I've come accross a few in the past with prices too good to be true and the website seems to stock everything and anything. You can tell them out by the basic layout of their FAQ, Payment and Returns pages and also the lack of a Contact Us page or any contact information at all.
  14. I’ve seen the Revell Halifax Mk.III in stock at a few model shops recently. Can get a few OOP kits at local model shops sometimes.
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