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  1. WhitleyZ6743

    Tengah Scramble

    Just wow, so simple yet so realistic
  2. WhitleyZ6743

    Colour film of Fortress Mk.I

    Looks like we have AN525:
  3. WhitleyZ6743

    HK Lancaster

    Some images of the Rose-Rice turret:
  4. WhitleyZ6743

    Mosquito Mk.IV, DZ319 - Painted over canopy?

    Thanks for the info T-21, if it’s just shades I’ll go with modelling it with a clear canopy then.
  5. WhitleyZ6743

    Mosquito Mk.IV, DZ319 - Painted over canopy?

    Yeah, I’ve seen a few images of DK333 even an angle from behind somhowing a clear canopy, just the windows on the nose that are blacked out. Some sort of curtain around the rear of the cockpit?
  6. WhitleyZ6743

    Mosquito Mk.IV, DZ319 - Painted over canopy?

    I was thinking the same, just never seen the canopy painted over like this before. Yeah it was Oboe equipped
  7. WhitleyZ6743

    Mosquito Mk.IV, DZ319 - Painted over canopy?

    I came across this picture of Mosquito Mk.IV, DZ319, HS-H of 109 Squadron and it seems as if the canopy has been painted over causing the cockpit to look very dark and you can't see through the top. If so it seems as if it all has been painted except the front and side windows. Does anybody have anymore information or whether this was a procedure for a few Mosquitos? DK333, HS-F also 109 Squadron had a clear cockpit so I am a bit lost.
  8. WhitleyZ6743

    Wellington III Waist Guns

    I had a look into this a while ago when I was interested into the armament of the Wellington, I came across this drawing which might help... By Paul Goranson, a WWII RCAF war artist. I also found this image, although rather small:
  9. WhitleyZ6743

    Flying Fortress Mk111

    What about imgur.com?
  10. WhitleyZ6743

    Airfix's BIG Tiffie

    Just wow
  11. WhitleyZ6743

    Vickers Wellesley - Matchbox

    That’s something different with the livery, very bbice
  12. WhitleyZ6743

    BAC Lightning F.6 Trumpeter 1:32

    Stunning, what a beauty
  13. Very well done, would pass as 1/72!
  14. Very nice, great job