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  1. Those are definitely images of the same Lancaster
  2. I had an issue with the individual Browning Mk.II's missing their flash hiders (they just had balls of plastic rather than a cone shaped flash hider), does your kit have this issue?
  3. My decals had also been shoved into the instruction booklet and suffer from the same issue.
  4. Coming along very nicely, can I ask what paint you used for the aluminium? It looks to have a very smooth and fine pigment finish.
  5. Thank you Max, I’ll post there too.
  6. Would anybody be able to help identify any more information about Lancaster PB565? Especially the aircraft code and squadron code worn when it crashed. Also after previous units/squadrons, I have come across it being operated by 156 Squadron in November 1944. Avro Lancaster Mk.III, PB565, 1667 HCU, RAF Sandtoft, 15th April 1945. Airborne 1455 from Sandtoft on cross-country flight. At 1525 aircraft observed to nose over and dive to the ground. Crash site given as sheet 39 265185. P/O H.P. Speed KIA, F/S R. Ollerton KIA, F/S J.W. Hamilton RAAF KIA, F/O B.A. Savage KIA, F/O E.B. Carss KIA, Sgt S.J. Kingdon KIA, Sgt R.B.R. Cook KIA, Sgt E.H.J. Martin KIA. 1667 HCU codes on Lancaster’s: GG, KR and LR source: http://www.lancaster-archive.com/bc_sqncodes.htm Unfortunately all the crew were killed when the Lancaster came down near Owston Ferry, a memorial is trying to be organised near the crash site.
  7. Seems to vary, but saying that all these photos show one side, what is there to say that it wasn't on both sides?
  8. Just wow, so simple yet so realistic
  9. WhitleyZ6743

    HK Lancaster

    Some images of the Rose-Rice turret:
  10. Thanks for the info T-21, if it’s just shades I’ll go with modelling it with a clear canopy then.
  11. Yeah, I’ve seen a few images of DK333 even an angle from behind somhowing a clear canopy, just the windows on the nose that are blacked out. Some sort of curtain around the rear of the cockpit?
  12. I was thinking the same, just never seen the canopy painted over like this before. Yeah it was Oboe equipped
  13. I came across this picture of Mosquito Mk.IV, DZ319, HS-H of 109 Squadron and it seems as if the canopy has been painted over causing the cockpit to look very dark and you can't see through the top. If so it seems as if it all has been painted except the front and side windows. Does anybody have anymore information or whether this was a procedure for a few Mosquitos? DK333, HS-F also 109 Squadron had a clear cockpit so I am a bit lost.
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