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  1. https://hornby.hornbynews.com/2TFV-12VET-36182E6AA27ABFD35EV04Q9995D43842BE5E17/cr.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2ugMpA7AwC9D5oTAjArIayv23GS6uZ1BLD6KQHsmYQT0lZjAmQ96yTr2o A02108 has a new release date of January 2021
  2. Most likely an accidental leak at Scale Model World in 2017, one of the Wellington Mk.Ia/c renders shows a Wellington Mk.II (Merlin nacelle and exhasut visible). It has not yet officially been anounced and I'm waiting for a response from Airfix.
  3. Appears to me that the FN82 upper corners were flat and the Type D was curved forward.
  4. Might be wrong but I think just Jane has an FN82 Dan
  5. It looks like these links are still set to Private, says "You need access" Dan
  6. There are multiple Lancasters with the same patch on this page: http://www.lancaster-archive.com/lanc_gh_3 gp.htm
  7. The guns are in the turret, they are just elevated. Dan
  8. Is there a high chance that they would be left in their original finish if the repair was salvaged from another unserviceable aircraft?
  9. This was in the description of the image on Wikipedia: The official caption reads: 'Fighter aircraft donated by the Province of the Punjab have been in action and have scored numerous victories over the Hun'. The pilot in the centre is Wing Commander Vernon Gifkins.
  10. The Mk.VII (A09009) is exactly the same as the Mk.V (A08016) but with an extra sprue and different decals.
  11. I'm not sure what they are but they seem to be Blenheim Mk.IF and Mk.IVF Specific, so I'd say leave them off if you're doing a Bomber variant.
  12. I'll look into contacting War Thunder to change the aircraft name so it is stated as Mk.III, they seem to be the main source of this mess!
  13. As far as I know the Series ___ was stopped after the Mk.II, with the exception of the Mk.V also having Mk.V Series I Special
  14. Thank you all for your replies. The reason I started to query the 'Mk.IIIa' was because I found it in the game War Thunder: They have called it the Halifax B Mk IIIa and as @72modeler stated, it must relate to the extended wing tips as this 3D model has them. I thought this but wasn't sure if it was to also do with the H2S fitting, wing tips seems to be a more obvious reason. The reason I linked MZ294 was because having it being the only Mk.IIIa reference I found I thought there might be an actual Mk.IIIa designation but it seems to me it's not official. Tha
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