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  1. My taste for German nightfighters may come from all those awkard antennae and color schemes plus the always present Falke’s badge
  2. You are wright then. Not Cadillal but Horco Molle perhaps. I was about +/- 6 y.o. at that time, but remember those houses. I was born in Tucumán but live in Cordoba since 90.
  3. Ha ha. I am sure you have a Tucuman’s baker near home. Jokes appart, I am interested in your habilities and sources of info. Trying myself to do a Percival Prentice in 1/72 but without any clues. No kits of that plane in my neighborhood.
  4. Apart from your origins, the Woody cottage seems to be what used to have in Cadillal lake. As the mountains behind you. Your beard is a mistery.
  5. I knew about your origins . I also knew that your son used to live in Yerba Buena if I am not wrong. But didn’t know about him living now in Cordoba. Cheers.
  6. Hi Moa. I am a silent follower of your job. Intrigued about the place you show not those old photos. Tucumán, may be? Cheers
  7. Thank you all again. Lomcevak, it’s been a long time since my last time in Canada . May be one day... With regard to the Pulqui I, it is a great idea to post a Walkaround. I could contribute with some of my photos. I don’t know if the real plane is today at Morón Museum, because it was moved with Pulqui II to a permanent exposition and may be there today . I also have in my production line a resin model of the Pulqui II. A posible future post. Cheers.
  8. http://www.gacetaeronautica.com/gaceta/wp-101/?p=20396 This is the link to a publication about the helicopter I am trying to build with many photos in the 3 schemes it wore. It is in Spanish, but the images are my main source of inspiration. Cheers.
  9. Hi Rob, in my case I am building the S-61R. You are most interested in the S-61 N. I am also interested in that one because was also used here, but demands a lot of work, may be using two Sea Kings and some scratch build. Next time, may be. In the mean time...
  10. Thank you Colin. In fact this is the Lindberg kit. I can't easily distinguish it from the Revell one. I bought it a few weeks ago at Madrid's flea market and the previous owner had already started it (removed the access door and opened the top of the engine). For my part, I sanded totally and rescribed panel lines according to the profile I found. I must reduce windows´size, enlarge the first port side one, make a new door and a very long etcetera. Alejandro.
  11. Hi all, I will try to convert this old kit into the only S-61 operated by Fuerza Aerea Argentina. And this are my notes concerning required modifications and measures. Not being a WIP guy, I will try to post advances in the measure of my possibilities. What I try to achieve is this: All credits to whom it may correspond.
  12. Hi Chris, thank you. I used to live in Montreal between 1995 and 1997, so I understand when you say "far" and the same if we talk about "winter". Alejandro.
  13. Thank you for the wellcome. Troy, this is the sole IAe 27 Pulqui I that has been made in 1947 at Fabrica Militar de Aviones here in Cordoba designed by Dewoitine. With this plane Argentina entered the jet age, being the 6th or 7th country in the world to fly a jet. The project was cancelled in favour of IAe 33 Pulqui II, this one designed by Kurt Tank and his team installed here after the war.
  14. Hi all, My name is Alejandro, live in Cordoba and I am a modeller of mainly Argentinian aircrafts in 1/72. Some times other scales and some times other subjects, like German night fighters. http://s139.photobucket.com/user/alemartinezc/media/EE373C83-250F-4D6A-990B-0C4F4984DA4E.jpeg.html
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