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  1. 1 hour ago, RJP said:

    Love the Lancastrian.  If I'm not mistaken you are using the ancient (1963?) Revell kit.  I have often thought the only way to fix the Revell windows and turrets was to remove them entirely.


    I'm looking forward to this.

    Yes, RJP, it is the old Revell kit, but with the adition of the Airfix engine nacelles.

  2. Hi all.
    I am not a WIP guy , but I will try to show here what I am doing in my attempt to get a more or less  decent Avro Lincoln in 1/72. The departing point is the fuselage of the old  Airfix Lancaster married to the modified wings of the also old Modelcraft (ex Frog, I think) Avro Shackleton MR3. So far, I have prolonged the rear part of the Airfix fuselage (in black plastic) with several  parts  of the Shackleton fuselage (in grey plastic) trying to follow the curvature of the former. The most noticeable modification  here was the conformation  of the nose (typical of the Lincoln) with two components epoxy clay over a plasticard skeleton.






    Some specific bibliography and decals (Aerocalcas, from Argentina):




    Scale plans, really useful to get an idea of fuselage plug length, etc.:





    And where we are today. Wings and horizontal stabilizers are not glued yet. Wing tips are made of plasticard to get the proper length and shape. The whole wings were rescribed. The engines of the Shackleton were modified to resemble to that of the Lincoln (modification not yet finished). The fuselage prolongation may be noticed in gray and the dorsal part of the fuselage where the dorsal turret once sat proudly, was blanked with strips of plasticard and sanded. The plane I am doing here is B-017 of Fuerza Aerea Argentina, whose dorsal turret was eliminated in the middle of its career (just to facilitate my job 70 years later).

    The general aspect of the model is very crude at the moment, especially if you look at the nose of the plane, but I hope a layer or two of putty and some primer will make some kind of miracle here.






    This topic was called "Part I" because hopefully there will be Part II (Lancastrian), Part III (Canberras B Mk 62 and 64) and Part IV (a pair of Lancasters), all of them in the guise of Fuerza Aerea Argentina.









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  3. Hi Moa, and congratulations “Nono”.

    Excelent job, as usual. A plane I was very interested in some time ago. I have collected the known photos of Zanni’s adventure and there is a pdf booklet at Histarmar.com you certainly know. But my intentions to scratch a scale model of the Fokker C.IV were stopped by the lack of a proper set of 1/72 scale plans of the wheeled version. Do you have plans you could share with us in this space? 


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  4. It is true that only Moa could accomplish this task, as stated before. I can only seat and enjoy; even if a Taube figures among my darkest desires.



    *For those unfamiliar with the expression, it is used in contexts where you have to spend certain time seating and studying, as in university: "Learning this subject will require a high number of butt-hours".


    In this part of the world we add “chair” to the concept, so it ends: “butt-chair-hours”. 

    Anyway, a great build, as usual. I can’t wait to see the end result.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Ex-FAAWAFU said:

    Rather Sisyphus than Tantalus.  At least us modellers get the fun of rolling that rock up the hill...

    Yes. Again and again. It is the life we have chosen to live, isn’t it? Modelling is an activity  that makes you start from a new begining over an over and not always arriving to an end (in my case, at least ). But we are stuborn by nature.


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  6. 50 minutes ago, Moa said:

    Hi Alejandro

    You are giving me way too much credit , far more than I deserve for sure.

    My models are flawed, sometimes with little blemishes and others with big faults.

    I was just thinking days ago, looking at them, that there is not a single one about which I would say "OK, this one came out very well".

    I am not being falsely modest, it is true. A glue spot there, a little crack here, a slight miss-alignment somewhere else, a spot of putty I missed, and on and on and on.

    Always, invariably.

    Skills and tricks go up with time, vision and dexterity in frank decline.

    Wherever it is that those curves intersect, they do not produce perfection, VERY FAR from it.

    I always think "the next one", but it never happens.

    Thanks, though, for your nice -and undeserved- words.


    Modelling Sisyphus

    I see your point, Moa. We never end learning in life. And that has to do with the eternal search for “perfection”. On the other hand, there are the inconvenients related  to ageing.

    As Ringo Bonavena used to say: “Experience is a comb you are given when  you get bold “.


    50 minutes ago, Moa said:


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  7. Excelent  result Steve. 
    I will take profit  of your post to clarify a doubt that annoyes me regarding the dimensions of the wingspan of this kit. If we look at Ricarda Caruana’s 3V plans of this aircraft published in SAMI years ago , you will notice that each of the kit’s wings is about 5 mm shorter than what you see on the plan. Any one could help  here? Thanks.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Uncle Uncool said:

    ¡Hola, Alejandro!

    Welcome to the forums. This is my number one place to go to when I want to see what the modelling trends are these days. Britmodeller is teeming with a lot of top-blokes, incredible modellers as well, but you will be getting to know them in no time.

    Córdoba, huh? :hmmm:Do you happen to know anything about one Juan Carlos Heredia round there?

    Impressive collection of aircraft Oops in your link; the sight of the obliterated AWACS made me :weep:

    And those other piccies regarding cargo doors open in the DC-8 and smashed belly on the 747 reminded me what I feel everytime a shipment takes 4+ months to arrive in the country from any place in the world :analintruder:


    Uh-huh... leafing through the pages of Mercado Libre, any foreign modeller will learn that German night fighters are to the modelling tastes of the Argie blokes like the apple pie & vanilla ice cream to the Yanks, and the beer and fish and chips to the Brits! :rofl2: 




    Hi Uncle.

    Thank you for your wellcome.

    Yes, this is also my number one place. 

    Regarding JC Heredia, I have no idea. Tried  to buy some Aconcagua kits from him, but never had any concrete answer, so in the end I grave up.

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