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Alejandro Martinez Colombres

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  1. Impressive , Moa. The end result looks like if Tamiya had released a kit of this very plane + your craftmanship. Congrats! Alejandro.
  2. A Californian Gourmet we can see. And Californian-Tucumanian empanadas also. I would dive into that Prosciutto.
  3. Oh God. That looks like a friday night reception menu. Are you the Chef? In my case is my wife (I have no idea).
  4. Excelent Moa, as every time. Inspired by you, I have just received my copy of El Boyero this morning. As you already stated in your WIP, atention to detail is astonishing. Thank you again for inspiring the rest of us, mortals.
  5. Yes. Again and again. It is the life we have chosen to live, isn’t it? Modelling is an activity that makes you start from a new begining over an over and not always arriving to an end (in my case, at least ). But we are stuborn by nature.
  6. I see your point, Moa. We never end learning in life. And that has to do with the eternal search for “perfection”. On the other hand, there are the inconvenients related to ageing. As Ringo Bonavena used to say: “Experience is a comb you are given when you get bold “.
  7. Impressive Moa, as usual. We, as human beings, are imperfect by nature. But we can still endeavour an endless quest for perfection. Every time I see you at work with these little gems, I think that you are among the very fews close to that perfection. I can’t imagine the fragility of this particular Model. Cheers, Alejandro.
  8. Excelent result Steve. I will take profit of your post to clarify a doubt that annoyes me regarding the dimensions of the wingspan of this kit. If we look at Ricarda Caruana’s 3V plans of this aircraft published in SAMI years ago , you will notice that each of the kit’s wings is about 5 mm shorter than what you see on the plan. Any one could help here? Thanks.
  9. Nice result. It is the kit I am looking for but not able to find yet. Congratulations.
  10. That’s why your P. Proctor is a source of inspiration to me. I have seen Dujin’s Prentice on the Net but unable to get one. Thinking about scratchbuilding one, may be several pieces of a Proctor could be useable in such a project.
  11. Hi Uncle. Thank you for your wellcome. Yes, this is also my number one place. Regarding JC Heredia, I have no idea. Tried to buy some Aconcagua kits from him, but never had any concrete answer, so in the end I grave up.
  12. My taste for German nightfighters may come from all those awkard antennae and color schemes plus the always present Falke’s badge
  13. You are wright then. Not Cadillal but Horco Molle perhaps. I was about +/- 6 y.o. at that time, but remember those houses. I was born in Tucumán but live in Cordoba since 90.
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