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  1. Excelent, Moa. My first impression when I saw the first picture rapidly was that you posted a real plane photo as a reference for the rest of us, simple mortals. Afterwards, I realized it was your model, and that the character in hurry was “El Zorzal”. Congratulatios on a beautiful recreation.
  2. Impressive, Moa. The corrugated surface looks stunning. Poor Carlitos! His myth might have started that very day!! It reminds me my childhood when every 9th of July Canal 10 de Tucumán broadcasted every Gardel’s movie available. You know what I am talking about...
  3. We can argue for decades about the usefulness of this plane, but for me, its lines are really graceful and your result is remarkable. Thumbs up!
  4. A really nice model. The painting job is outstanding and the colours look exactly as the real ones used at that period of the FAA. And one more thing: not every one takes into account the Sabre version used here in Argentina with slatted 6-3 wings, straight Pitot tube and proper fuel tanks. In 1/72 the only option is, precisely, Fujimi. Congratulations.
  5. I will also follow you with attention because I have started the same kit with the same modifications trying to achieve an Argentinian Navy type.
  6. It is true that only Moa could accomplish this task, as stated before. I can only seat and enjoy; even if a Taube figures among my darkest desires. *For those unfamiliar with the expression, it is used in contexts where you have to spend certain time seating and studying, as in university: "Learning this subject will require a high number of butt-hours". In this part of the world we add “chair” to the concept, so it ends: “butt-chair-hours”. Anyway, a great build, as usual. I can’t wait to see the end result.
  7. Impressive , Moa. The end result looks like if Tamiya had released a kit of this very plane + your craftmanship. Congrats! Alejandro.
  8. A Californian Gourmet we can see. And Californian-Tucumanian empanadas also. I would dive into that Prosciutto.
  9. Oh God. That looks like a friday night reception menu. Are you the Chef? In my case is my wife (I have no idea).
  10. Excelent Moa, as every time. Inspired by you, I have just received my copy of El Boyero this morning. As you already stated in your WIP, atention to detail is astonishing. Thank you again for inspiring the rest of us, mortals.
  11. Yes. Again and again. It is the life we have chosen to live, isn’t it? Modelling is an activity that makes you start from a new begining over an over and not always arriving to an end (in my case, at least ). But we are stuborn by nature.
  12. I see your point, Moa. We never end learning in life. And that has to do with the eternal search for “perfection”. On the other hand, there are the inconvenients related to ageing. As Ringo Bonavena used to say: “Experience is a comb you are given when you get bold “.
  13. Impressive Moa, as usual. We, as human beings, are imperfect by nature. But we can still endeavour an endless quest for perfection. Every time I see you at work with these little gems, I think that you are among the very fews close to that perfection. I can’t imagine the fragility of this particular Model. Cheers, Alejandro.
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