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  1. Ron, I’m sure you’ll achieve excellent results as you did with rear wing
  2. This is sad news. He was a great inspiration, always kind and willing to help. My deepest condolences to his family.
  3. Ron, this build inspires me a lot!
  4. Beeatuful, just beautiful Guy!
  5. That kit is the one that got me into F1 scale modeling in early 80´s. I was not much of a modeler but that brings me vivid and good memories.
  6. I’m sorry for your loss, my condolences.
  7. I ‘d like to have at least on large scale F1 model and I’ve been trying to make up my mind witch one would offer me the best possible quality and level of detail. The four I have mind are: Rosso Ferrari 643, Kyosho McLaren MP4/4, Centauria Ferrari 312T4 and Pocher Lotus 72D (not released yet) I’d appreciate a lot if you who have built any of these would share your insights. I know that the MP4/4 is a great kit as well as the 312T4, but I really don’t know what to expect with 643 or upcoming 72D… Thanks, Matt
  8. I had 4x4 Cossie in late 90’s, so this is a kit I certainly like to have.
  9. Here's another build thread Modelshipworld 1/200 Bismarck
  10. Hi, The item number is 7489, just looked around but couldn’t find the instructions on-line.
  11. So fine engineering and amazing craftsmanship!
  12. So the 17 year head start must explain the difference in skills and patience needed… I still may have some hope… Cheers
  13. Ron, the level of detailing and the skills to achieve that is something to wish for! Your 312T4 is just staggering.
  14. One of my favourite models ever, and a great craftsmanship!
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