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  1. It's nice to know the tape colour trick works. I posted something like that idea five years ago, at the Unofficial Airfix Forum, but still haven't got around to trying it yet. http://uamf.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=6869&p=275532#p275532 Just scroll a bit to see it
  2. Been looking forward to this. From a back window of my house, I see the sub's fin whenever they leave the Devonshire Dock Hall for launching. Advertised at Wonderland Models. https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/search/?q=1%2F144+HMS+Astute+Model+Kit
  3. Spotted this at one of our roundabouts here in Barrow.
  4. My local paper's website has a story that may be of interest; it's about AE1. http://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/barrow/PICTURE-GALLERY-The-103-year-old-mystery-of-the-stricken-Barrow-sub-which-sank-off-the-coast-of-Australia-20263950-c9e1-42df-a3f8-ae5db56c7c4f-ds
  5. I am in Barrow, where Upholder was built, and got to see it, and the rest of the class being readied for the Canadians and saw something that made me wonder if they had been fitted with propulsors. I had been passing a part of the shipyard and saw what looked like a propulsor shroud lying on the ground. I wondered if they had been removed because the subs would be too close to American eyes and we did not want the Americans to know secret technical details. HMCS Chicoutimi (ex Upholder) undergoing deperming in Devonshire Dock, Barrow.
  6. I would like to see a kit of a modern Upholder. Living where it was built, any kit of something built here is always welcome. When I moved into the house I now live in, there were parts of the shipyard at virtually all compass points so I could say I live in the middle of a shipyard. HMCS Chicoutimi (formerly Upholder) undergoing degaussing.
  7. Before Hermes left Barrow, where she was built, there was a chance for workers to take family member aboard for a look around. My dad took me but as I was only 18 months old I don't remember anything of it.
  8. Agamemnon is the name that the sixth Astute submarine will carry.
  9. With Revell releasing many Monogram kits, it would be good to see the 1/8th scale Firebird Trans Am again.
  10. I think some of the stainlesss steel fittings were reused on the Type 42 Sheffield. I remember going to the launch of the ship hit by the Exocet missile. Water flooding in through the gash left is conidered, by many, as the actual cause of the sinking.
  11. The Russian one is the Rurik and I have some photos here...https://david-j-ross.smugmug.com/ModelShip/Builders-of-the-Rurik/
  12. Managed to get some photos of the HMS Newcastle model. Unfortunately, ther was quite a bit of relection of the bright sunlight coming through windows of the corridor that the model is in. Hopefully I will get some more when the evenings darken later on in the year. https://david-j-ross.smugmug.com/ModelShip/Builders-HMS-Newcastle/
  13. Heard this fly over but didn't get to see it. http://www.nwemail.co.uk/News/Barrow/Jumbo-jet-spotted-apparently-dumping-fuel-in-Barrow-skies--27e0b84c-f13d-4844-9c1d-04e99566d9b3-ds
  14. I have to go there next Wednesday so I will take a camera and see if it's possible to take some photos.It can be tricky taking photos at ome places.
  15. There is a builder's model of Newcastle here in Barrow in Furness. It's in the Furness General Hospital. I pass it every time I go to the MS support group that meets there.
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