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  1. I was finally able to wrap up the model by applying some GW Lahmian Medium to the black portions of the model to knock down the shine. It took about three coats to give a nice flat finish, so I was able to modulate the glossiness somewhat to differentiate the materials a bit, although the photos are too high contrast to show it. I purchased a softball display box and used a 3/8” Forstner bit to create a 1.5mm deep counterbore in the bottom center of the box that is a perfectly snug fit for a 10mm ring magnet. I then glued another
  2. Thanks, @j_holtslander! I replied to your comment on my blog with the paint colors that I used for the panels.
  3. @Will Vale Good suggestion about adding some weathering and damage to make the imperfections less noticeable. All of my previous 3D prints have been pretty weathered and non-glossy, so the imperfections haven't been noticeable. I may give this model another shot at some point and spend some time smoothing out the surfaces a bit. The challenge is actually seeing the layer lines without first applying a layer of primer to provide better contrast.
  4. I failed to document my progress along the way and the model is getting pretty close to finished. Unfortunately, it wasn't until I was pretty far into the project that I realized I should have sanded down ALL the surfaces of the model that would end up glossy white, as @Silenoz suggested, rather than just the obviously stepped regions near the crown of the helmet. I used Vallejo Game Color Black for all the black portions and used a bit of Flory Wash Gray to add some depth to creases in the armor. I dry brushed on some Vallejo Model Color Anthracite Gray to highlight the ridges of the undersui
  5. Your weathering technique with the sanding stick is spectacular! It really sells the impression that these are big pieces of heavy machinery.
  6. I would love to learn how to make molds and create resin copies of my models! However, I'm probably better suited to creating the 3D models and painting the printed results rather than the craftsmanship required for high quality resin castings. It seems that there are some firms such as Ravenstar Studios who specialize in creating resin castings from original masters and I've been considering this approach for my line of Traveller starships that I've been working on (see this thread). I need to contact them and get a quote when I have time between my travels.
  7. I laid down a light coat of Badger Stynylrez White primer followed by a coat of Tamiya TS-26 Pure White. This revealed my mistake in thinking that the layer lines were perfectly smooth, which they are not. You can't really see the lines unless viewed in a macro shot like the closeups below, but they are present. Luckily, after applying a couple more coats of TS-26 Pure White followed by a coat of TS-13 Clear Laquer, I was able to achieve the smooth, shiny surface I was aiming for.
  8. My brother is a huge Star Wars fan and quite an accomplished cosplay crafter as well. For his 47th birthday, I'm creating a small First Order Stormtrooper bust for him. Since I'm still learning how to sculpt in Zbrush, I purchased a 3D model online and will be modifying it into a customized 3D printed model. The model I purchased features a classical sculptural base. It looks nice, but I have an idea for a base that features the First Order emblem. First, I created the base in my favorite NURBS modeler and added a 1cm hole in the center. The Aurubesh text i
  9. I've had a number of people ask me this same question and it would require acquiring a license for the Traveller brand, which I'm exploring, especially since I have a number of other starships and vehicles I'd like to build.
  10. Ah, that brings back old memories for me as well! I still have my original boxed set of Striker rules and while I never did find a group to play with, I spent many an afternoon in the 80s designing vehicles and weapon systems for my fictional mercenary company influenced by the Hammer's Slammers novels.
  11. Some of you may have seen my earlier WIP posts about creating this "Type S Scout/Courier" from the Traveller Sci-Fi RPG universe from concept art, through 3D modeling, 3D printing, prep and painting. My previous WIPs have all been at 1/350 scale, but I was intrigued by a suggestion to build it at 1/285 scale since it's a popular scale for Micro Armor war games, Warhammer 40K Epic scale and a variety of other terrain and miniatures. In the process of creating a larger scale build, I completely overhauled the geometry of the model, adding quite a bit more hull paneling detail that r
  12. Wow, the chipping, weathering and level of detail is fantastic! I'm inspired to try out chipping fluid in future builds. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Taking the lessons I learned from the previous model, I created an updated version of the model with the aim of improving detail in key areas as well as adding features to improve the “paintability”. It’s also the first time that I attempted to create my own water-slide decals. Background for Traveller Fans This model depicts a fleet courier, part of the Imperium’s 193rd Fleet, based in the Deneb Sector. This craft shows the wear and tear of heavy action during the Fifth Frontier War and has the “Bridled Steed” emblem of House Aledon emblazoned on the hull, denoting it was bas
  14. Finally wrapped this up over the weekend although the changes are pretty minimal. Mainly cleaned up some of the hull markings and added edge highlighting in some areas such as the missile turret. Then sealed everything with a coat of Testors Dullcote. I learned some valuable lessons during this project in terms of how to 3D model to get the best output for painting and I'm putting together my notes so that I can improve my next design. Below is a digram that I put together for reference, evaluating
  15. Thanks, Will! I never had a chance to play any of the Traveller PC games, although it sounds like character creation was almost a minigame in itself like the pen and paper game. I guess when death is an option during the character creation process, the stakes are a little higher! BTW, what was the triangular ship you posted earlier in the thread? Was it cut from styrene sheet? It would certainly be a nice starting point for the classic Traveller Type S Scout.
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