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  1. Outstanding build!! Is it me or does your wings look flat, hurricane type flat, compared to the v shape of typical P-51s?
  2. Your skills are truly inspiring. Now that I am retired and have lots of time on my hands, I'll try to follow your example in the level of detailing. Well done Al
  3. Hi! There is one point that pleased me very much: your seatbelts. They are not the "airline fold" that I see in too many models. They are perfect, left as the previous occupant left them when he departed instead of the "welcome aboard our airline" type position. Well done Al
  4. An outstanding build. It's amazing how much modelling has advanced in the last 10 years. Al
  5. Hi Fred; Thanks! I just retired a few weeks ago and used up my last remaining accumulated vacation days. As of midnight last night, I am retired from the RCN. It's going to be quite a change. I thought of this project to keep me busy and build new things. I had a look around google looking for items of interest and have started accumulating photos. Thanks for your interest! Al
  6. Good Day All; I was wondering if anyone had plans for the building of 1/48 ground equipment such as ladders, bomb carts, work platforms, boxes, desks, tables, compressors, chain blocks, engine hoists, etc? I would like to build some of these and make cad drawings which would be made available to all. I would also make conversion factors to other scales. I think I can say we all would like to have more equipment around our aircraft displays and some have built superb items. Finding information on these items however is very difficult to find. An example, I have come across a P-47 manual which shows how an aircraft was dis-assembled and all components packed together in just one huge crate. Then a series of instructions on how to take the crate apart for the re-arrangement of the crate as a work platform to re-assemble the aircraft. That would make a great dio! Cheers Al
  7. Would anyone know where to purchase a cotton buffing wheel for the dremel tool? Cheers Al
  8. It's an old fashioned beer bottle opener. It's old school, before the twist caps! Al
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