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  1. Sonoran

    Liberator tail

    It can't be that hard to pop them off and re-glue them in the correct position...
  2. Sonoran

    Liberator tail

    What do you think?
  3. Nice! I have a couple of those in the stash. Planning to do the one with the Kiwi roundel “zap” from the Fündekals sheet.
  4. Those are beautiful! What brand/type of paint did you use for the fluorescent red? That is notoriously difficult to paint.
  5. THANK YOU!!! You are the FIRST person other than myself who I have ever heard of who has noticed the major gaffe on the intakes. And unfortunately, the AlleyCat engine set looks just as bad as the kit. The intake lips are sharp instead of blunt, and the intakes themselves are probably 15-20% too large in area. This and the windscreen issues have put me off building this kit, as badly as I would love to have a Nimrod in my collection.
  6. Sonoran

    My Next Build

    Hahahah... I think the very first one I bought was a princely $1.49 at the original Squadron Shop location in Detroit! It was the first Airfix kit I had ever seen in the flesh. Airfix was pretty exotic stuff in Detroit in the mid-1970s.
  7. Sonoran

    My Next Build

    Where did you read that? Sure, it was underpowered, but so was just about every jet fighter of its era. Otherwise it did its job admirably, although simply due to the time period it was in service, it never fired a shot in anger as far as I'm aware. They were in service for a very long time with a lot of NATO allies. I'd hardly call it a failure.
  8. I always wondered why that Air France Caravelle pilot was landing on the wrong end of the runway, and why the runway was adjacent to the parking apron and passenger gates
  9. Sonoran

    Grey confusion

    The paint shop diagrams call for 16081, not 26076.
  10. The spring and summer of 1940 were noted for having especially fine weather
  11. Sonoran


    If you could post a photo of what you’re interested in that would be helpful.
  12. Sonoran


    F-5 aggressors have been around for going on 50 years, in both the USAF and the Navy. You need to narrow your question WAAAAAAAY down
  13. Sonoran


    No. Warren had original Kodachrome 25 slides he had shot, and it was a very orange red.
  14. I need to see photographic proof that there was an SNJ on a fleet carrier in 1941. I have been looking at photos from that time period for most of my life, and I’ve never seen even one photo, and never seen any mention anywhere in any book about carrier aviation that they were there. People *say* all kinds of things, but without the photographic proof, it’s just wind over the deck.
  15. The GE also has a noticably bigger thrust reverser arm fairing on the bottom.
  16. All Boeing narrow body airliners have a very visible lobe crease, right up to the current 737 MAX family. Every single one. The reason for that is thanks to Douglas Aircraft, whose paper airplane DC-8 was announced as six-abreast in 1955, forcing Boeing to widen the upper lobe of the 707 to meet the competition. Originally the 707 was to have had five-abreast seating.
  17. Both types of props? Those props are absolutely identical. You can’t put mismatched props on a twin engined airplane.
  18. Sonoran


    According to a conversation I had with Warren Bodie, who photographed the real thing on the ramp at the plant, it was a bright crimson red, with a decidedly orange tinge. Sadly, no one has ever done accurate decals for it. Every decal has white letters with a black pinstripe border around the edge. The real thing had the crimson showing through between the white and the black pinstripe, which pinstripe was offset outside the edge of the white.
  19. Sonoran

    Stuka decals

    I don’t think the B-1 served in either Africa or Russia. By that time it had been replaced by the B-2/R-2.
  20. I find it very hard to believe that there were any SNJs aboard a carrier in 1941. They were undoubtedly assigned to the squadrons, but if they had been aboard the carriers, don’t you think that sometime in the intervening 80 years we would have seen photos of them somewhere? I’ve certainly never seen any SNJ aboard any carrier in WWII except USS Wolverine and USS Sable in Lake Michigan.
  21. Taxiing or parking an airplane with the flaps down (and thus, significantly increased lift on the wing) is asking to be turned upside down with a good wind gust or prop/jet blast.
  22. Actually the raised tailwheel would have probably lowered the overall height. Anything forward of the axle of the main wheels would be lower with a higher tail, and that would include the leading tip of the folded wings. Probably not enough to bother with, but it’s basic mechanics.
  23. Yes. I did the math on this back in the early 1990s. I don’t have it at hand currently, but the Italeri kit is compressed by the length of the pitot boom. Will anyone ever really be able to see it in your model? Not likely, since it’s proportional all the way down the fuselage, but it *is* considerably too short. It’s 2018 and FAR past time for a new state of the art 1/72 B-58.
  24. If the oleos “bled” down, they were leaking and needed new seals installed. And the airplane shouldn’t fly until they are.
  25. I have the Boeing station diagrams for them. They’re different.
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