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  1. Thanks for the welcome, as for R&B no, not really
  2. Thank you to all the members who have replied and the nice comments. I have been building my Hobby-Zone professional ship building slip for the past few days. Still making a few adjustments as they included bolts instead of Allen screws. Also I was a few nuts short and two bolts, nothing I can't handle while I bed in my new piece of equipment. I will be posting my first build diary soon, the kit I will be building will be the Soeil Royal by Deagostini
  3. Truly stunning work and someone I could learn from, the detail is jaw dropping
  4. Hi Wizball, You're right it is a minefield out there, but you can do some things to make it a bit easier. I would suggest trying Wonderland Models or Hannants or Hobby-boss as websites you can look for what you require first. While there are some really good model shops out there they are becoming a rarer and rarer beast these days. With regard to a subject to build, you're absolutely correct that in terms of ships 1/350 scale tends to have the biggest choice and also the biggest choice of upgrades and PE. With regard to question about tooling, this is where the internet comes into its own, enter your choice of ship on a model site or Mr Google and when you open the description of the model it will say new tooling if that is the case. New tooling is not always a given with any model and happens for usually specific reasons. As to subject, you could always try a mayflower corvette from WWII or something from 'The battle of the river plate', one of the British cruisers or the 'beast' of Commodore Harwood the Admiral Graf Spee. Hope this gives you a little food for thought.
  5. Dear forum members, As we all know, diorama construction is the one area where attention to detail is a must, as it usually involves historical accuracy, or is an abstract body of work or vignette, who's construction is in the mind of the modeller. It is also the one area where I am at a complete loss when it comes to the subject of scratch building as I have had simply no practice at it. My question is to you all is? What would be the best ideas to practice and build so I can gain a range of skills in this area? I should state that I am not a complete novice modeller, but my experience relates mainly to kits. many thanks
  6. Pleased to meet you Dennis!
  7. It's down south, but I am Scottish if that helps
  8. Hello everyone, I joined yesterday and since then I've been looking at a lot of the topics and I have to say I am really impressed with the quality of the posts here. I have been a member of a forum before but I take nothing for granted and I have read the forum rules. I live in one of our lovely Shire counties and enjoy the fresh air and countryside that this gives me. I love modelling, and although I love all forms of modelling, my favourite passions are ships, aircraft, space with some tanks thrown in. I like to count myself as an active forum member, willing to help others and the forum wherever I can. I am also an animal lover with four cats and two dogs a rottweiler and a little dog called bonny (who isn't a rottweiler by the way), which I share with my loving wife. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible very soon. Kind regards Slipknot
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