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  1. The Rapides are looking beautiful! Especially with those frames on! I think you're definitely onto something with the music! I personally love the works of Ralph Vaughan Williams, they never fail to bring a tear to my eye. https://youtu.be/ihx5LCF1yJ
  2. Truly impressive job of such an unusual machine! Well worth all the effort!
  3. Excellent work, Heather! Another beautiful addition to your collection!
  4. Cracking job, Heather! And nice save on the decal too! Don't your Belgian planes look smart sat next to each other!
  5. Super work, Heather! Another splendid addition to your collection!
  6. Just spent a couple hours reading through this topic and I'm absolutely blown away by the effort that's gone into this model! Your Shackleton is already a mighty impressive beast, and she'll only become even more so as she nears completion! Keep up the outstanding work!
  7. Absolutely remarkable work! The effort and patience that's gone into this is truly inspiring!
  8. Just spent a few hours reading through this thread, and I am in complete awe at the skill, time, and effort that has gone into this build! Truly impressive stuff! Bravo!
  9. Thank you all - your kind words are very much appreciated!!
  10. Life has a nasty habit of throwing a lot of difficult things at you all at once when you least expect it. I've been through a lot since I last updated this thread, but after many trials and tribulations I'm finally able to work on the Lightning again! To start, I fixed some lead shot weights in the nose with putty filler, however I was a bit over-enthusiastic and did too much at once. The melting effect of the filler combined with the weight of the lead caused the nose to sag and buckle on top. Now, as everyone knows, two wrongs make a right, and you should
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