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  1. Note to self. Better pictures next time. And better weathering @witjas4 - Just took a look at your work - really nice. Especially like the Panzer III. What light tent do you use for your photos?
  2. Yep, the tracks were the Friul Model Panther (Late Type Tracks) ATL-08. I used the vice and pin method for putting them together, and it worked out really well. Saved drilling each link out in advance. The pins were 'Prym 021365 Straight Pins Mild Steel Silver 25g 0.65 X 16mm', although the guy in the video uses brass ones which may be better. My only problem was that bashing in the pins bent some of the guide horns slightly. Not a real problem. As for the barrel, it was the Aber 35L270 (Early One Part). I sourced it from Ebay, as with the tracks, vice and the pins. It's a really nice, detailed model. I really enjoyed it.
  3. Totally agreed. My first time with Friuls. I really enjoyed them. I just couldn’t face glueing 2 horns onto each link... Happy Christmas!!!
  4. This one has been on the bench for a while. Pretty much out of the box, other than metal barrel and Friul Model tracks (as I couldn't face the ones in the kit!) Happy Holidays everyone. I hope that Santa brings you everything you asked for Comments/critique/suggestions gratefully received
  5. I tried a new (to me) trick for the vision ports. Before gluing on the ‘protectors’ over the top, I cut out and applied very small rectangular masks from masking tape. These stayed in place throughout the rest of the build and all the painting and weathering - only being removed with tweezers after everything else was done. Pleased with the outcome.
  6. Many thanks for the positive comments. Really appreciated. It’s lovely to see the results of the many hours of ‘labour’. It is also amazing to look back over my build thread and see how it’s all come together. The amazing this is how bright the original camo was, and how it has weathered so nicely. Keep up the good work!
  7. Very impressive. Every time I look at this one I’m amazed that it’s 1:48. Beautifully done. What’s next?
  8. Thanks all. Weathering is a difficult balance. Happy with this one, but always happy for comments or suggestions. Happy modelling
  9. Wow. What a build. The final reveal: The build thread is at: Apologies - it's a bit long, and possibly a bit dull I've really enjoyed this one. The kit is excellent. I replaced the barrel, but that was just personal preference... The King Tiger. What a beast. Coming from from the Panzer IV, it is huge. I stuck with the kit tracks. and found them really good. To ensure that I could see the tracks, I left the side skirts off, and cut down the front mudguards. Tools were fiddly, as always, but loads of great definition from Meng. All good I'm really pleased with how the rear came out. Overall, a really good kit. Hard work (on my part), but worth it. Always learning... for this build: 3-colour hard edge camo is tricky, but doable. I like Panzer Putty Never try to do chipping with a sponge on a gloss coat, Duh A £2 box of artist pencils is better than expensive pigments Never ‘just give it a final coat of Dullcoat’... Just leave it as it is This model is broadly based on a number of photos/drawings, but does not try to ‘be’ a certain example. Comments happily received A bit of a rest now before the Jagdpanther!
  10. Calling this done. A few pics to follow on the Ready for Inspection thread...
  11. So, weathering and a bit of chipping. Starting to come along now. I'd really like to dirty up the engine deck a bit. Any suggestions (to simulate dirt, oil etc.) gratefully received Happy modelling!!!
  12. Aha. Field or factory applied? Mine is 'living room' applied Looks like I'll be leaving them plain for the time being. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  13. Nope, you’ll be fine. I really liked the stuff. Just needs a bit of thinking through if you have s 3-colour scheme
  14. I have to admit... it wasn’t easy. I found it best to find a camo scheme and follow an actual example. That way you had something to try to ‘copy’ - kudos to anyone who can find my ‘muse’ Try to work out what shapes you need to put down first, then what will come next. Also, don’t expect it to be perfect first time. Don’t be afraid to go back and touch up, redo a bit here and there. Finally, remember that you’re going to muddy and weather and chip the hell out of it anyway, so you can hide any imperfections at a later date And finally, finally, just enjoy it
  15. Tool time... Sooooo much time.... soooo little progress Onwards and upwards...
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