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  1. When I got back into modelling a few years ago, this was the first car I built. Spotting a bargain on ebay I thought I'd get one to give it another bash now I have a few more skills that I have picked up I was going to strip and rebuild the one I first did, but this was too cheap to say no, anyway, you can't have too many Colin McCrae cars
  2. I've used Mr Color SLT with Tamiya LP paints with no issues
  3. Afternoon fellow modellers I have just bought an ultrasonic cleaner to give my airbrushes an overhaul as a lot of people recommend them. Couple of questions if I may 1, Do you totally strip the brush down or just remove needle and nozzle etc? 2, What's the best fluid to use? I'm sure I read somewhere that premixed car screen wash was a good choice, but I don't know where I read this, or even if I did read it Many thanks Ian
  4. I'll have to check, but I'm pretty sure the driveshafts aren't in the brake set, but for a few quid more they should have been in the engine set I agree
  5. The air funnels were an earlier set so they are all ready available Driveshafts are new though
  6. Nice save Ron I agree with the other comments though, I've decalled, glossed and polished before and thought, "Wow, I'm a great painter, best ever" kind of reactions, then I've took pics for the gallery etc and thought "I need to go to specsavers" as the photos show every little flaw in greater detail Amazing how the clear coat will smooth out the slight orange peel though
  7. I'm also waiting for more pics as well before I commit. Roll on Summer 22
  8. I must admit, I wasn't going to order the engine set, but as I've got all the others I ordered one when the notification came in. I've got the willpower of a gnat
  9. Hi Ron Looks like it's going to fight you all the way to the end I'm sure you will get the better of it as usual Ian
  10. Redstaff

    'Codger' R I P

    Such sad and unexpected news He was always supportive and proactive in giving tips and help RIP Chas
  11. There's definitely a market for them, you only have to look on eBay. Especially for some kits as you can't get them unbuilt without selling a kidney and it may be the best option to fill a gap in a collection. You can always post in the for sale section with a pic or 2 Ian
  12. Aah the good old days, being peppered with gravel in a Welsh forest in the middle of the night with a piece of rope to protect you from a Quattro hurtling past flat out
  13. Imho rally drivers have more skill than any other professional sports drivers, F1 may be faster along with many others, but 100mph sideways on gravel in the dark with trees either side is a different kind of special The group B cars of the 80s were a different sort of animal never to be seen again and respect to the drivers that tried to tame them
  14. Peugeot 205 EV2 This is a kit I bought cheap to fill a gap in my 80s rally car collection Very basic kit with fit isssues, only 41 parts in total, more decals than plastic bits. It looks ok from the outside, but would have needed a hell of a lot of work to get it up to Tamiya/Hasegawa standards. Not even any seatbelt decals or glass for the doors and vinyl tyres. The fit of the doors is particularly poor It looks ok on the shelf with the rest of them, so I'm happy enough with the end result Built OOB using Halfords gloss white aerosol and Tamiya acrylics for the detail bits Thanks for looking
  15. I'd give them both the resto treatment as you won't het hold of others without paying through the nose. Put the cozzie on bricks and say it was left in Liverpool
  16. Seeing that I've got the beach buggy in the stash and the Jag on preorder, I realised that I need more 1/32 scale to fill a shelf. So trawling through ebay I put a bid in for this for £7 and got it Always love the shape of this era, it just looks right
  17. Doesn't look too bad on the pictures TBH Have you tried using MrSurfacer 500 Not the spray but out of the bottle applied with a brush, it's a really thick filler primer which I have used to get rid of a few sink holes / ejector pin marks in the past Might be worth a shot Ian
  18. Cheers Pat Like the Celica, especially the Castrol schemes Ian
  19. Loving the updates on the sub assemblies Ron, coming along nicely Ian
  20. I used to go to the Sutton park stages in the early 80s as well, I was a Lucas apprentice and it would have been rude to turn down free passes
  21. The plots thickens now after @ICMF has added another view about MFH kits. I need to sit down and have a think, hopefully get to a show or 2 soon and see if any are there and chat to the builder and ask questions. Thanks
  22. Must admit I've never been a fan of the LeMans style cars, even though you have done a great job with them, I think it's the covered in wheels But that Mk1 is stunning, great colour and the wire wheels are superb Well done Ian
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