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  1. Are there decals available for the other containers? Pete
  2. Having purchased the Revell 1:700 container ship I will say this much, while it is a nice kit to build (hull wise) there are over 600 containers to be painted (and thats ignoring those in the centre of the stacks) in various colours plus you only get 120 (approx) Hapag Lloyd decals so it's going to look a bit odd to say the least with only a few boxes with decals on them. Hopefully someone will come up with a set of decals for the rest. Painting is going to be a long thankless task even if you use a hairy stick. In the last few years I have only seen 1 boat with all one companies containers on it and that was a CMA CGM boat in Southampton. However I have seen several over the past couple of years without a container above decks, That includes the Vancouver Express last year. Also I have seen them with every other stack empty so that is another option as you (very) slowly paint each of the 19 stacks. What I do find intriguing as I've never been in a position to see it is do they load containers down into the hull? If not it must make the ships very unstable. Pete
  3. I have a copy of "Unbroken" and there's one comment in there that always makes me chuckle. It's when Unbroken is in dry dock after an argument with the Axis forces, one of her officers says " They should change her name from Unbroken to Badly Bent" Pete
  4. For some unknown reason I was under the impression that the bar armour was in pe brass which I didn't fancy the idea of. Now I've seen this review I am very tempted. Pete
  5. AS far as I am aware the early Achzarits didn't have it. Pete
  6. Hing-dao Snake kit arrived this morning just 6 days from Taiwan. First impressions look good too. Pete
  7. Already ordered mine from Ebay and according to the seller it's on it's way. Pete
  8. I have an unopened bottle of the stuff at home, mind you I've had it some time. Pete
  9. Looks very nice indeed mate, I just managed to pick this kit up and will follow this thread with interest. Pete
  10. Folks, a belated update on the goat The trailer coupling. Trailer Chassis with running gear bottom view of trailer body rear view of trailer. Again no major problems to report, it's another Tamiya kit. As for the 12" to the foot scale Goat a friend of mine owned one for a while and I got let loose in it a couple of times. It's definitely a fun vehicle to drive although I'm not sure I'd like to work on them every day. Pete
  11. That is very nice so far. I have been looking at that kit. Just how fiddly is the pe? Pete
  12. Looks good to me, I do hope it was better to build than they are to live in all week. I want my DAF Superspace back Pete
  13. Phil I'm looking at the 4 colour scheme for this one and green for the next when it arrives. I'm also looking at a way of "turning" the wheels as if the steering works. Pete
  14. Very nice indeed, a great model of one of my favourite aircraft. Pete
  15. Morning all A bit more progress on the Gama Goat Hull front with winch fitted Driving compartment Wheels, fuel tank and battery box fitted both sides. No problems so report so far although there are some ejector pin marks to be dealt with soon. I'm just waiting to see what appears from the aftermarket boys as from what I can make of things there are a few options eg: ambulance trailer, hard cab, canvas cab etc etc. Pete
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