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  1. Managed to get a bit more done today. One coat of Hycote onto the bits I had primed the other day... and the first bit of brush painting and assembling, step 1 complete!
  2. A few smaller body parts primed today ready for paint... and a new handy storage box to keep parts safe and clean. I've not really got much to compare it to but I’m really impressed with the primer... Optima grey plastic primer, it was only £2.99 for a 400ml can from euro car parts!
  3. Added to the ever growing list of wanted kits
  4. Thanks Rob I’ll make sure I don’t go overboard with the polishing, I want a realistic finish... I may even be tempted to add a little rust but we’ll see. could be a hell of a project once I have the experience and a lot of other models completed already! I didn’t realise there was an oval window model available (in my opinion that’s the prettiest, and your right the earlier models are all much prettier). and I love the Karmann Ghia! Beautiful car! Thanks dnl42 I certainly miss mine! Get tempted every now and then when I lo
  5. The finish certainly does look a lot smoother thanks again for the advice. And with regards to waiting a couple of weeks before polishing it, I don’t think I have a choice with that... I’m sure my 9 month old little girl will make sure it takes long enough for me to get round to polishing it
  6. Sanded the mould lines this morning using a fine sanding stick... and the body now has its second coaut of Hycote... and no mould lines! still looks like there’s a bit of orange peel on the roof, I’ll see how it looks once dried and decide whether to sand it back before a polish.
  7. Thank you Spiny, they’re exactly the sort of comments I need! I thought when I looked at the model before starting that the primer and paint might cover up the mould lines as they looked so unnoticeable, but they are definitely just more noticeable now so will set about sanding them down before spraying any more. thanks
  8. Hi all, Today I actually managed to start my first model... the Tamiya 1966 VW Beetle. I was originally going to build this to be the same as the beetle I used to own however I believe it would be too difficult for a first model, I would have to change too much on it as mine was a ‘74 and therefore had different lights, bumpers etc. So I’ve decided to do it from the box (I may fit the opening rear windows I’ve seen on HighlightModelstudio.com). I’ve spent ages searching through the Hycote colours online to find one I like, I originally was looking at VW col
  9. Trump has just flown over again headed for London... The 2 Ospreys out infront Followed by Trump in Marine 1
  10. I’m in Essex as well, next to the herts border and just spotted 3 Ospreys heading towards Stansted... along with police choppers and a couple of military ones I couldn’t work out (my military knowledge isn’t great). As you said, I am also guessing in preparation of AirForce ones arrival today.
  11. Thanks Marco, I’ll take a look. And yeah I thought the roof rack would be a DIY job.
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