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  1. Having just taken belated delivery of my example of the new Tiggie from Airfix, I have discovered that both the propellers required for the kit options, (parts B3 and B4) are oddly asymmetric. Has anyone else picked up on this, or is mine unique? I haven’t seen reference to it in any of the reviews.
  2. Salt is hydroscopic, meaning it attracts water to itself and absorbs it, so I wouldn't go that way myself even as a base. Plaster is relatively stable when cured, but if used as a powder, you'd have to avoid any possibility of damp.
  3. Not to be pedantic, but the 7.5 in measurement would be the width of the wheel rim between the bead seats.
  4. Thanks for that DA. It was remiss of me not to close this one out myself. Thanks everyone.
  5. Xtracolour isn't bad, either, though it might need a spot of white for fading/scale effect.
  6. The Kittyhawk IV entered service in 1943, so wouldn't have been delivered in DE/DG, as the scheme ceased to be used in 1941, except for bombers, though some machines delivered to the far east and India might have used it. Aircraft delivered to units in the western hemisphere would either have been in DE/MS/Azure, or OG/DG/MSG. A quick Goggle for Kittyhawk mkIV brings up plenty of images of desert camouflaged examples, some of which are original colour images.
  7. On my 1/48 triplanes, I use the same method the factory did. With a bit of practice, it's actually not too difficult and if you intend to do more than one, each is unique, rather than an identically marked, decalled lineup.
  8. Fine work, Kev. I'm glad that I had the chance to see this progress in the flesh, as it were. Quite inspitational.
  9. Marco, Sorry it took so long. PM sent. Chris
  10. Thanks for thee info, Chris. I'll follow that up. Kit
  11. They do a range of decals, but specifically, I am interested in their 1/35 scale land ships sheets.
  12. Marco, PM me. I might be able to help you. Chris
  13. I'm thinking of ordering Penguin's decals for the mk I male, as I quite like the idea of doing HMLS Daphne. Does anyone know of a UK supplier, or am I going to have to order them direct? Thanks in advance, Kit
  14. I mentioned the problems with Humbrol paint since the manufacture came back to the UK, to the guys on the Airfix stand at Telford. They were surprised that there was a problem, as they'd not heard of it. They were concerned enough to ask if it was limited to a particular colour and suggested I check the batch numbers. When I said it wasn't and I had, they asked me to email Hornby about it and said that if I heard of anyone else with similar issues, to get them to do so, as well. I've used Humbrol almost exclusively for over 40 years and never before had issues with the chemistry of the paint, though some of the shades have been off at times. I have found that one needs to add significant amounts of enamel thinner, just to make many of the new tins' contents thin enough to draw into a pipette for transfer to the mixing cup and that's a bug-bear to start with.
  15. Kit builder

    Biggles's Camel

    During his time on Camels, Biggles served with 266, not 226. The fact that it was a squadron in the 200 range, would indicate that if it had been real, it would have been 66 sqn, RNAS until 1 Apr 1918. On the creation of the RAF, all former naval squadrons were incorporated into that service with the addition of 200 to the existing number. 266 as described in the Biggles books was entirely fictitious, though the events portrayed in the stories were, according to W E Johns, based on real events.
  16. PRU Blue is much too dark and grey to be a match for the blue used on US trainers, imo, unless your chosen scheme is unusual. I used True Blue, as produced by Hannants in their xtra colour range and it is as close as anything I've come across.
  17. I know rhey used aft facing seats in 111's, but am unsure about 737's. Jessica may well be right. Can you recall the engine configuration?
  18. You'll probably not find it in the current 1086. All reference numbers are now seven digit and have been for quite a few years. All the old four digit numbers have been converted.
  19. BAC 111, I suspect. Dan Dare was the last operator of the type and bought most of them secong hand from military operators.
  20. Kit builder

    RAF Beret

    Berets became standard issue at least as long ago as the 1950's. Who remembers the series "Get some in", which was set in the fifties?
  21. Polished aluminium is one of the three or so items in the range that you can't use setting solutions on. They are also less durable. Alclad themselves do a water based sealing coat for these finishes, which you apply thinly before decalling or handling. Whilst this does diminish the effect slightly, it is not so bad as Klear, or any of the other clearcoat possibilities, as it is specifically formulated for use with the polished finishes. You can use mild setting solutions with it and you can also mask and apply paints over it, though I'm not sure whether there are any that will affect it.
  22. Accurate colour schemes and decals for some of their existing kits might be nice. Still, a new 1/48 scale range of Macchis might be nice, as would a group of Schnieder Trophy racers.
  23. One P-51 C was given a second seat and used as a taxi for Eisenhour. Tom Neil had a Spitfire, which he'd "obtained" whilst attached as fighter liaison to the USAAF and which he'd had the paint stripped from in order to hide it from its rightful "owner".
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