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  1. One problem with the kit, is that they allow for both front doors to be open but the rear doors are meant to be shut, when firing the front and rear doors are open hence why I have not attached mine yet, still working out how to do the rear door.
  2. I was actually talking about the Beregalthough Modelcollect kits are hard to get hold of these days It will be a race between Hobbyboss and Zvezda as to which is released first, I would think the Hobbyboss one, but who knows, both companies have the chassis, as to which is best? Zvezda chassis is a multi part affair especially the frame but it goes together easily enough and is stable, the Hobbyboss chassis frame comes as one piece with everything attaching to it, I like both I suppose it will come down to price in the end with Hobbyboss being around £40 to the (at the moment) Zvezda being £23 but with the recent price hikes in Zvezda £35 for the Pantsyr who knows? (I’m talking about the SA 10 grumble kits at the moment)
  3. Don’t get the Modelcollect one! It has some issues with accuracy plus the chassis is a nightmare to get together straight, I’ve built it and corrected most of it but even fully assembled the wheels and suspension are prone to breaking, after moving I only have 3 wheels on my wagon and it’s not rolling along the Hobbyboss chassis is far more stable and easier and just as detailed.
  4. Goes back to the old days of being a recognition instructor, I am doing a scud as an Afghan vehicle maybe you could do the Rubezh anti ship missile, as I know you already have the spider happy modelling
  5. I think GW kits were always overpriced, luckily my son can now buy his own so I am not constantly building and painting them anymore
  6. There has always been a price difference between the WW2 and Modern stuff from Zvezda, (although not as pronounced as it is) I always thought that this was due to the modern kits being more intricate and actual kit rather than the click together WW2 models, don’t get me wrong, the WW2 stuff is nice in themselves and fairly accurate but simpler kits to build. £36 for the Pantsyr, £26 for the T 72B3, the older modern kits have also risen in price between £15-17, which is a shame as they used to be around £12 and so cheap enough to buy for spares and bits, the S 400 is still only £23, interestingly Jadlam are selling the WW2 Zvezda kits for twice the price on eBay! £20 as opposed to the £10 you can buy in stores or £12 on their own website. The one good thing about the price hikes is that it has made me prioritise what I actually want and not just buy kits cause I think ooh yeah! and then not build them! You have to look for a silver lining
  7. After my last debacle with jadlam I have 2 on pre order from elsewhere, yes it’s a price hike to what earlier kits cost, but in general kit costs seem to be on the rise across the board, with old Revell moulds hitting the £20 mark (although they can still be found cheaper at some places) the new Vespid Centurion is also £26 odd and many of the newer releases also around the price. I don’t mind so much, because I know the quality of Zvezda will be worth it in the long run, their Pantsyr was £35 but the it’s not much smaller than the S 300 kit so yeah? On another note Trumpeter are also creeping up in price with £40 for the SA 4 and about the same for the FROG 7 when it comes, interestingly Hobbyboss have the new 2S19 MSTA M2 out at around £15 which I think is cheaper than the original release. The S models BMP 2 was £20 (although you do get 2) whilst I love them, they do require some work to become display models. seems like modelling is not immune to inflation unfortunately ( I’m sure there are other factors involved such as taxes and oil prices)
  8. I would say that this tank is painted after the event and in no way reflect the actual colours, even the original wouldn’t have been 4BO and just standard post war Russian green, the Syrians did apply camouflage to some of their tanks usually consisting of sand ans grey over the Russian green. The other thing is the paint looks to new and shiny for it to have been standing unprotected in the harsh environments of the go lane heights as can be seen by the rest of the vehicle with the fading of the green and being completely worn off in some areas. I doubt very much that these are original colours, but you never know for a specific vehicle, but in general it is not a normal colour scheme.
  9. I have not seen these kits to say which is best, but Takom is a Leopard 2A7 the Vespid kit is a 2A7+ which is different, so if you want an actual 2A7 go for Takom, or Meng who also do a 2A7.
  10. Its Ok I found them online and already put an order in
  11. When did the BMP 2 get released? I totally missed that one, I now have to go on the hunt.
  12. Try wading through this thread, https://forums.kitmaker.net/t/modelling-armour-in-ukraine-crisis/17957/7058 there are pictures of just about every vehicle in use including the PzH 2000 and the T 90/ 90A whichever one you’re thinking of doing.
  13. I thought that too especially on the T 35, I think everyone should do what if vehicles especially if you have a spare with the Smodel kits, let your creative juices flow, it’s fun and
  14. Spider missile? See you are having fun with the 2nd kit in the S models box
  15. Politics aside I suppose model kits in the grand scheme of things have little effect on the Russian economy, that’s just my take on it.
  16. My mistake, when announced they did state a B3 but showed a picture of a B3M still I can live in hope that the B3M will follow even though Zvezda don’t have a good record on follow up kits
  17. Thought they were supposed to be doing the B3M? Maybe it will come later, any idea when it is due, bearing in mind they have just released the Pantsir. I might as well stop building my B3 as this will save a lot of scratch building on the turret, although I can carry on doing the extra armour for the B3M
  18. Yeah all 1/72, all the conversions need the Zvezda T 90MS as a base, which is good as comparatively speaking they are still fairly cheap, and the B3, 90M, and latest terminator all use the same lower hull which is slightly different on the rear plate to the T 72/90 hull. The Modelcollect kits are OK not quite as refined as Zvezda kits, they are fairly accurate, detail on some parts is a bit basic and some parts are chunky but in overall terms of general shape and size they are probably the most accurate, including the B3 until Zvezda release theirs! I was lucky enough to be able to buy a job lot of Revell T 90/90A going cheap, which gave me a lot of spare parts, the Zvezda T90 and terminator have problems with their lower hulls being wrong, but they fit onto the Revell lower hulls nicely. As for the Pantsyr, unless you are a masochist, it has to be Zvezda, the ARMORY kit is short run and the moulds are not the best, the kit is accurate and has some nice photo etch and resin wheels but like their Shilka it requires a hell of a lot of clean up before you can begin to build and sometimes it is not 100% clear what is kit and what is flash, been doing mine on and off for over 2 years. I haven’t started to build the Zvezda kit yet but am confident it will be a much easier process. Luckily my interests don’t stray too far, either Modern Russian or British, my plan was to build British tanks through the ages.
  19. Maybe I will get back on to the British stuff, at the moment I have the urge to finish my T 72B3,T 90M and in service Terminator, before someone releases them in kit form (although only Zvezda has the B3 in planning) and the arrival of the Pantsyr and Shilka I really shouldn’t be getting distracted
  20. I already have the Esci version (built but never finished) in a box with all my other WW2 British stuff, never looked to deeply into the accuracy of it but from what meagre references I had apart from a few minor niggles seemed fairly accurate. I wondered whether mixing and matching the two? but that may be something for the CS version.
  21. What’s the Matilda like against the Esci/Italeri version?
  22. Probably means by U.S forces, although the M114 was used initially it quickly proved unsuitable and was withdrawn by 1964 for U.S forces, the M41 was never used by U.S forces in Vietnam but by the ARVN.
  23. Everybody should build a what if or fantasy vehicle and let your imagination run wild, it’s really quite relaxing
  24. Yeah that can be a problem, depending on the manufacturer, Tankograd were the best turrets you could get hold of before the fiasco in Ukraine, ARMORY were going to produce a nice T 64 replacement turret but it never saw the light of day (although their ZSU 23 4 is now available) seems to be a deficit in modern corrections as ww2 and German every conceivable modification seems to be available. On the way used to be a good source of information but lately only for WW2 and German stuff, and just lip service to anything else.
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