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  1. The A/C is a P51B Inglewood built Ex UK Stocks Allocations of Mustangs to RAF in Italy were below those requested as The USAAF wanted them for escort duties with 15 AF
  2. Yes there weren't many in OD/NG There was FR806 GA*Q a MKIII ( P40M) in OD /NG and as you say LD*C FX781 . I've seen a photo of another MK IV on 250 in OD/NG bit no serial identifiable . The Desert Scheme persisted on some A/C in Italy as late as December 1944 from photos I've seen Mostly Repainted in a form of TLS though
  3. I just thought I'd invent a new scheme lol lol
  4. From Info I've received over the past 40 odd years of researching 112 Sq Aircraft , the Mustangs on 112 were either Green/ Grey uppers with MSG ( or painted in the US in DFS Equivalent .) or in "Silver " Some A/c were Painted at 159 MU Brindisi with the " Firewall " scheme and had the Nile Crocodile "Zap " painted on the fin . As for 249 Green Brown Mustangs I've yet to see any logic for this . Why would one squadron have a different scheme to the rest ? Remember too that 249 converted from Spitfires , to Mustangs back to Spitfires and at War's end back to Mustangs again Spitfires were or
  5. Bought one tonight FMC shop sells on Ebay £35.99 post free It was advertised at £39.99 post free , but seller gives 10% discount for orders over £30 and usually sells at retail post free
  6. From the design of the kit ie separate cowling , It may well be that Airfix will release other variants such as Martlet MKII/IV Optional folding wings are a nice touch . Good value for money kit in my opinion Cheers Terry McGrady
  7. Not forgetting the Use of the F/L by the RAF and Squadrons under its command (ie 3 RAAF) 260 Sq used the short tailed F as did 3 RAAF . 3 RAAF going on to use the longer L model Cheers Terry McGrady
  8. Just had a look on the Hannants Website to find that The Airfix Whitley is shown as being in stock Cheers Terry McGrady
  9. Hi The only one you can do with reasonable accuracy from the Kit is QV*P KH655 a Mustang MKIV/P51D-5NT All the others on the Decal sheet are P51K versions with Aeroproduct Propellors You will also need to make some "Louvres " for the carburetor air intakes Cheers Terry McGrady
  10. Just ordered one via an Ebay seller RRP and post free . Not really interested in the FW190 or the paints in the Dog-Fight Double Cheers Terry McGrady
  11. It was somewhere in the P40K production - K-15 that the USAAF insisted that Curtiss deliver the Airframes in OD/NG , as Curtiss business practices were such that they were charging more for DFS painted Airframes than they were for OD/NG . The P40M were the last series to be repainted by the RAAF as standard . The reasons why the RNZAF A/C were not repainted was the time and resourses it took . When the Kittyhawk MKIV ( P40N ) variants started arriving in Australia , the " Trickle" became a" Flood " and The RAAF experienced similar shortages of resources and manpower required to re-paint so
  12. Actually P40M Kittyhawk MKIII were re- painted by the end user, being supplied in OD/NG Some Users didn't repaint them ie Largest User Soviet Union , Brazillian Airforce , RNZAF as Alan states. USAAF obviously GA*Q FR806 was an RAF example used in OD/NG Cheers Terry McGrady
  13. Hi , Yes the RAAF used P40M A29-300 -389 plus A29- 204, 205 which were replacements for 2 lost at sea , but weren't used in service . Google in ADF Serials .You will find lots of info . As for Decals have a look for DK decals at Hannants . Lots of Aussie Kittyhawks on the sheets Cheers Terry McGrady
  14. Yes I've had that happen to me in the past , so once bitten twice shy Don't blame you for being peed off . I'd rather Help someone get things right in the first place than critisize them afterwards , but there seems to be too many ingrates around these days Cheers Terry
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