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  1. In fact looking at a number of photos the roundel sizes do vary . 3 Sq RAAF Kittyhawk II/IIA definately had 40 inch upper wing Roundels
  2. Thanks for the info . I took the sizes 11 odd yrears ago from the now defunct Antipodean Hawks
  3. A 48inch Roundel would overlap the aileron on the Kittyhawk I've meaured the upper wing roundels on a dozen 48th scale decal sheets and none of them come out as 48inch ones
  4. Well then that must make every decal sheet wrong
  5. As Graham has said it looks very much like AN413 wasi n Desert Colours The Aircraft was lost on 12/12/41 over Tmimi Pilot being F'/O R Jeffries
  6. First P40 I ever made was the Pld Aurora Kit back in Early 60]s That Shark mouth Decal made it the envy of all my mates . We are so fortunate today to have such a wide range of Kits and Decals I must have a dozen getting dusty 0n shelves shelves Though my preferences are for Kittyhawks rather than Tomahawks in 72nd scale SH are definately amomg the best
  7. Sword did the P40K1/5 in a dual boxing Also the The P40K10/15 as the Kittyhawk III . It was Special Hobby who produced The F and L and a dual boxing of The P40 F/L as Kittyhawk MKII/IIA SH have now realeased the P40M so like I've posted before SH produce kits of all P40 Warhawks/ Kittyhawks apart from P40D in 72nd scale Cheers Terry
  8. Yes they are Now the SH P40M has been released Mine arrived this morning So now SH produce Every MK apart from the P40D Cheers Terry
  9. Yes the RAF experienced trouble with the alloy wheel cracking on Kittyhawk MKIV as they were sometimes operating with a 2000 lbs bomb load so replaced the 27 inch wheels with 30inch steel ones
  10. Yea I noticed that Just reboxings with some glaring Markings errors Typhoon Mc Goom was a P40 K1/5 NOt an E model I've Photgraphs of ing . No Clear disruptive pattern camo can be seen The time frame on rear box art for the A/c is incorrect too The white tail not becoming a ID marking untill Aug 43 the time
  11. More likely reboxingswith New box art and different decals One that struck me was the Typhoon McGoon boxing 'The Aircft was a K1/5 not and E By the time the white tail markings were an ID symbol - August 1943 ,the E models had mostly disappeared from the 49th FG .I've also Photos of Typhoon McGoon painted Olive drab before Aug 1943 without the white tail .
  12. Hi The RAF actually used 20 P40 D models AK571-590 Along with All the direct purchase Kittyhawks in the AK and AL serial range were Kittyhawk MK1 .
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