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  1. Morlock

    RNZAF Strikemaster

    Or just for fun you could go with a what if type war load. Anti shipping missiles would look good on it.
  2. I have tried that. You get various results but still not exactly what I am after at times. It is a bit hit and miss.
  3. Morlock


    Looks good, different markings as well.
  4. Looking good. Sometimes we just need to do something different.
  5. Morlock

    TAA Vickers Viscount Glencoe kit

    Should look good when done, TAA was my fave Aussie airline growing up.
  6. Morlock

    some of my work please be gentle

    All very nice and thanks for introducing me to a new photo sharing site.
  7. Morlock

    Navy aircraft

    The new tool Airfix Swordfish. Frog Blackburn Shark. Airfix Kate Cyberhobby Hellcat
  8. Possibly not. To be honest I am not that fussy. A kit that looks like a Fiddler and goes together decently and at a fair price is enough!
  9. Looks great. Hobbyboss kits are fun to build.
  10. Will be interesting to watch. I like a lot of the subjects Amodel put out but their price and roughness put me off. I won't upset you by saying that Trumpeter are due to release a kit of this subject at some point...
  11. No missing that one! Well done.
  12. Thanks I have all the warplanes and Take Off's that is the kind of weapons config. illustrations I was after. Was hoping there might be more variations and ones for different aircraft out there but it seems to be be the case.
  13. Just wondering if anyone knew of a site that shows you different ordnance loads and configurations for aircraft? I am looking for something like this but perhaps more specific to missions etc?
  14. Another Mig 15 but we are still lacking a Mig 19!!!!
  15. Morlock

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    I read recently that Germany is relaxing the ban on swastika's so games like Wolfenstein don't have to censor. I think it is also a generation thing. I am in my mid 40's, when I was a kid we played war which involved throwing rocks at each other with every intention of hitting our mates on the other side. We would draw war pictures especially of airplanes and oh boy did we we love drawing swastika's on those planes! In fact we loved drawing swastika's. It's all rather confusing, I am of German heritage with a Jewish surname yet my grandfather served in the Luftwaffe bomber squadrons during WW2. I just want to build my planes. And I am well and truly over the PC police seeking to be offended by everything.