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  1. Seen political chats on here before. And besides I was simply explaining why I won't be watching it. Don't be so sensitive and don't shove rules in my face. Also important to keep in mind that the thread is political. Especially if the BBC make this you know they will shove as much SJW/PC nonsense in it as possible. A bit like a discussion on here about the Eastern Front in WW2, how do you discuss it without at least the odd reference to politics?
  2. Looking good. I have the Revell boxing. Does the kit come with any stores for the bomb bay?
  3. All the best to the guys who like to go that level of detail but for me the wheels aren't ever much of an issue. I just build the kits OOB. I have this one in the stash, I think it is the boxing that comes with the life raft and crew. I am looking forward to building it at some point.
  4. A lot of the classic Sci Fi stuff was very Anti Left/Socialist and warning against it. These days of course they will make it all Left wing so no, I will most likely not watch just as I don't want any modern TV or movies for the same reason. Sick of the propaganda.
  5. For a long time I wanted a B-45 Tornado, that has been released not too long ago. I would still love a 1/72 Avro Lincoln and I could be tempted by a 1/72 Avro Vulcan with conventional bombs and the shrikes as per Black Buck. I have a 1/200 scale which is quite nice but I have a thing for bomb bays! Big ask/wish but Revell could also re-pop the Breguet Atlantic.
  6. Looks good, I have always been a fan of Hobbycraft kits.
  7. Maybe it's too early here but I have no idea how to take that...
  8. There is the old Monogram 1/72 B-52D, the Italeri ones are B-52G and B-52H which are the old AMT moulds, Italeri updated them with cruise missiles but the AMT one had the Hound dog missile on it. Dragon also do a few versions in 1/200 scale which aren't bad. A bit worried about the fit issues of the Italeri ones now as I have the G & H!
  9. I didn't get a Whitley as I have an old Frog one which is enough for me, I don't recall the new tool Wellington, I do have the Airfix Shack and the Revell Shack AEW2. I was disappointed in Airfix's HE-111 for not coming with bombs and therefore didn't buy one. So many subjects out there some of which have never been done by a major producer or not done for decades it just bores me to see another Spitfire that is all.
  10. They have recently done this in Australia in shops now you have to pay to buy a plastic bag or buy cloth ones you can re-use. All well and good however those plastic bags were re-used by many people as rubbish bags, now we will just have to buy them, and guess what? Those rubbish bags are still plastic!! It is all just feel good propaganda and it will cost jobs as well as cost people money and in the end no change will be made. It makes me laugh when I see that the same shops who promoted the "Green" policy of cloth bags still delivering their catalogues which use up paper/wood. Not to mention the biodegradable bags I once bought by mistake, they actually fell apart/started to degrade before I had a chance to use them! So where is the benefit to the environment there, I just had to buy more bags.
  11. They might be reading but do they care/are able to do anything about it? I understand they might be under the pump money wise and so they will sit back on the safe subjects like Spitfires etc but at the same time that makes other manufacturers so much more exciting because they do come out with the not so obvious or popular choices. A real upset for Airfix would be another company coming out with a Vulcan or other classic English subject like an Avro Lincoln - Revell, Italieri, can you hear me??!!
  12. Going to look good even without the extras. Matchbox were my Airfix growing up their kits were more available than Airfix ones were when I was a kid!
  13. Before they start attacking scale models they would need to address actual rubbish or sources of rubbish like take away food containers, various types of packaging, computer game cases and other forms of boxes etc. Things that are literally used and then chucked out. At least with a model in most cases it will sit on someone's shelf for years. Also regardless of whatever crusade it is, in the end $$$$$ talks and the toy/modeling industry employs people and makes money. Just like Germany recently relaxing the ban on swastika's so the new Wolfenstein game wouldn't have to spend money censoring their product.
  14. Looks good. I have one in the stash, was always attracted to the version with the big Union Jack on the tailpiece.
  15. As much as I would love to say a 1/72 Lincoln especially the longer nosed RAAF version, Scimtar in 1/72 and other subjects I think we will see the usual run of Spitfire variants, B-25 variants, F-4 Phanton II variants, BF-109's, P-51's etc etc etc One popular thing they might tempt me with is a Vought Corsair WW2 vintage, but I won't hold my breath about that either. Another year of saving heaps ahead as I have a huge stash and not interested in "upgrading" to new tools.
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