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  1. Thank you Marlin Design of electrical parts. Two circuits. Parallel connections to have constant power on all individual components 1st circuit A 9 volt battery with a resistor For engines and expedition lights. Two 16,000 rpm / min motors will be included in a separate circuit. I will try to stick on this circuit the two expedition lights (green red) at the ends of the wings with very small cmds. Because the wing is not thick, I will have to pass the very fine threads by drilling on the outside under the wing about 2 cm before the edge. That amount of volts in the motor ci
  2. Thank you back side. Thank you Orion. I try to put in any nose part holes, weight to balance it. I calculated it wants 95 gr weight. I fulled the under nose radar with metallic (Pb) spheres.
  3. Maybe wanted more destroyed elements. The burning was done in addition to heating the plastic and in addition the use of burnt nail (for the holes). Painting with silver, brown and tan with real ash and charcoal. The ash was also used to tan the floor along with some spots that were painted with black diluted acrylic paint. There were also holes with water made with thick paper glue but the glue evaporated and they are not visible. I will bring them back with transparent wood glue
  4. Can you send me a foto of your recorded real start up to see thecharacteristics (dimensions and the voltage for operation) ?
  5. Thank you Ricardo. Yes flew for a few years until replaced by F-102A and F-5A
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