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  1. Robbyrockett

    Airbrushing=Painful & tired fingers

    Not a better value on the planet than these, bar none. Essentially the entire lineup you can pick a brush, double it's price and it will easily compete with brushes in that price range.
  2. Robbyrockett

    Airbrushing=Painful & tired fingers

    That brush is especially bad for finger fatigue. I think its the dainty, sloppy trigger and the I'll fitting cup that forces an odd position. Also on your new one get a pen with a rubber grip to scavenge and force it onto the handle. It will be softer and help you relax your grip.
  3. Robbyrockett

    Just bought this airbrush ......

    They are hit or miss. Some file work on the nozzle caps can center them up. Some careful adjusting of screwing the nozzles on "just so" and using a little pressure to the right direction as you do so and you can actually tune them to work quite well. In other words, you didn't buy a brush, you bought a kit. This kit does have decent potential though. It may be a frustrating waste of money, or a nice lesson in tuning and very careful maintenance...depends on you and depends on the particular brush. If you need it to just work so you can get on with your modeling.....you'll toss it pretty soon.
  4. Robbyrockett

    Neo for Iwata airflow issue

    Happens on neos all the time ... Alot of people put ptfe tape and think sealing it fixed it, nope just something associated with the budget quality, it will eventually let you screw it on too far. Make sure your nozzle isn't come loose any , but other wise yeah. The nozzle and cap need a very accurate location to one another depth wise.
  5. Robbyrockett

    Is this airbrush any good

    Ultra isn't bad. I generally stay away from kits though. You're generally overcharged for a lot of fluff. I didn't look at the price if this kit or what all it comes with but..eh...price it out.
  6. Robbyrockett

    Thoughts on Mig's Aircobra, anyone?

    Evolution BTW is h+s economy brush. I believe largely made in Taiwan through airtex. Not to say its not a good brush, just that I wouldn't place it higher than the 105 patriot really, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.
  7. Robbyrockett

    Thoughts on Mig's Aircobra, anyone?

    Extras, a different needle protector...and handle. Otherwise its a badger patriot. 105
  8. Robbyrockett

    Cheap Airbrush for Primer

    If cleaning is the issue, definitely a paasche h. Like rob g said. If you're looking for a good primer rig for little money. Gsi procon boy ps290 ( hp-th)
  9. Robbyrockett

    Iwata Hi Line HP-CH

    Save a bunch of money and get a Mr hobby ps289. Its an hp-c plus with Mac valve. Otherwise the only difference is the angled air stem and removable head. Heck its made by the same people even. Needle, nozzle, aircap are the same. The hi-lines have a bit fatter body than plus series, and have some quirky things on parts interchange and needle /nozzle conversions.
  10. Robbyrockett

    Are all Airbrush needles the same?

    They vary a lot, taper angle, surface finish, diameter, and taper profile. But yes most .2 will be a 1.2mm shaft And basically they will work. How well??? That's always the question. Doesn't make as much difference as nozzles usually but it does make a significant difference. Chinese nozzles usually fit iwata HP plus or procon boys ( which use identical nozzles). But the Chinese nozzles are horrible.
  11. Robbyrockett

    Cellulose thinners for clean up

    Unless you put in something that damages brass, chrome, 316 stainless, or teflon, you will have no issues in the paint path, only the air valve has rubber.
  12. Robbyrockett

    Garden Sprayer Bottle for Air Pressure

    An italian company in the late 40's called cesco made a foot powered pump with roughly the same stroke and capacity as a garden sprayer. Same deal 3 minutes to pump it...30 seconds of spraytime all while dealing with rapidly dropping pressure. They werent very popular
  13. Robbyrockett

    Garden Sprayer Bottle for Air Pressure

    Only issue with the fridge compressor conversions is this; The fridges let lubricating oil circulate through the lines. These type silent compressors have a provision for circulating the oil within the pump and also an internal heat exchanger for the oil. Funny thing is most fridge compressors have the same provision internally but it has been blocked off or doesnt have the heat exchanger installed to make it work, so on a conversion it will slowly pump all of its oil into the air supply and overheat more often even when they have oil and so they dont tend to last too long.
  14. Robbyrockett

    What is this, please?

    One other caveat. If you have an inline regulator or mac valve put it after the trap. otherwise the trap acts a little tank and you get a burst of air at higher pressure when you first press the trigger.
  15. Robbyrockett

    Any point in buying 0,2 airbrush?

    As you already have a .3 I would say yes get a .2