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  1. Robbyrockett

    What is this, please?

    One other caveat. If you have an inline regulator or mac valve put it after the trap. otherwise the trap acts a little tank and you get a burst of air at higher pressure when you first press the trigger.
  2. Robbyrockett

    Any point in buying 0,2 airbrush?

    As you already have a .3 I would say yes get a .2
  3. Robbyrockett

    Iwatas OEM....mystery solved...partly

    Btw the hg manual on the tamiya website is absent that little bit of info. So it was taken off at some point, I guess after bb rich became just rich, so the factual info you provided is very helpful. Thank you
  4. Robbyrockett

    Iwatas OEM....mystery solved...partly

    Thank you! Mainly im just trying to get all my facts straight to write up a small article on the Japanese airbrush industry and perhaps some cross compatibility info as well as maybe a sort of list or guide to rebranded brushes in general and things of that nature. As for the information being available for some time well, not exactly, its mostly been conjecture and speculation. Though that article states it as fact, they also state that the hg is constructed from stainless steel as fact. As well as stating it has a "matched headset"..... Which as far as I know is strictly marketing and has only ever been used in conjunction with microns. There are some articles which say the other brands simply imitated Olympos or iwata and many that state fuso seiki makes them all, still others that will tell you iwata makes their own and fuso makes all the "copies". Others which say they think rich made Olympos. After hearing all the theory and speculation and concluding that the running thought among artists was that rich and all the others were somehow inferior copies of iwata I just had to get to the bottom of it all. Take a look through mikes review of the ps290 (HP-th) and you'll see that loads of speculation abound.
  5. Robbyrockett

    What is this, please?

    Some people like them on there just for the fact that it makes sort of a pistol grip for you.
  6. Robbyrockett

    Iwatas OEM....mystery solved...partly

    Thanks! appreciated. Eventually I'll put together a coherent article on all this.
  7. Robbyrockett

    Iwatas OEM....mystery solved...partly

    Thanks! I hadn't realized the instructions on the sprayworks actually say bb rich (bb rich is actually defunct but the rich factory still has a sign with that logo on the security shack or whatever) That tells me I can certainly add Tamiya sprayworks to the list Is it a made by? a logo or...? Any chance you could upload a pic somewhere?
  8. Robbyrockett

    Iwatas OEM....mystery solved...partly

    Btw guys I have found bills of lading for everything that is sold by iwata medea. Only one japanese supplier of airbrushes, Hokushin, once a month for as far back as i care to look. Also I found the one other factory...a second Rich location LOL A little part I left out accidentally ,Hokushin aka Rich is certainly connected with Fuso seiki as well, since Rich airbrushes carry the Fuso seiki logo in their packaging. So Rich, Fuso , richpen, Iwata....etc. All using the same manufacturer. Also the "made in the USA" Paasche brushes....getting at least some airbrush parts from china, not just accessories like compressors and hoses and boxes as those are listed separately but airbrush parts. Seems If you want to buy from the OEM, Badger or Rich are your only options. If you just dont want to overpay, well, none of the japanese brands have ever let me down. Not withstanding neo's (and the sparmax made tamiyas (not includng sprayworks) ) but we all know those are overpriced chinese brushes.
  9. Also there is no need to remove the nozzle for cleaning ( which btw is stainless steel and not brass). Especially given that the entire head assembly is removable. If it is initially on a little tight for the fingers, then use an 11mm wrench. After that fingers are the only tool necessary.
  10. I am in love with this brush. Quality is flawless. Aside from just being a fantastic brush (understatement) already capable of crisp clean lines the actual width of two human hairs and doing very tightly edged spray patterns of larger diameters, you can remove the head and it will accept a micron or ps-770 head assembly, the needle and needle seal need to be replaced too with the micron or 770 version as well because the 270s needle shaft diameter is larger. If you also get yourself an hp-b+ needle (the 270 nozzle is already a b+) you can then switch between the 270s .2 configuration and a .18 micron configuration whenever you feel like it without changing the needle seal. I originally worked this out because I hate cutouts but wanted a micron or 770.
  11. Robbyrockett

    Garden Sprayer Bottle for Air Pressure

    Well you could use it, you could even use a regulator. But you'll get about 30 seconds out of each pump up. When you pump up the sprayer and use it to discharge a liquid the compressed air is only expanding by the volume of liquid lost so your total expansion is at best 1 liters to 5 liters , a loss of 4 liters of volume. 1 liter at 50psi can expand to 2 liters and be 25psi, 2 liters at 25 can expand almost to 4 liters before hitting atmospheric. So pumping to the max pressure (45 for most of these) Can just about empty all the fluid no matter what the fluids flow rate is. Now pump the sprayer up empty and pull the trigger, it will lose pressure in seconds because you are simply venting the air to atmosphere. You will be doing the same thing with the airbrush but an average airbrush discharges 15 lpm. So assuming that you can pump the sprayer to 45 psi and your airbrush needs 20 to operate correctly and you have a normal 14.7psi atmospheric your useable pressure differential is 25psi (25psi)(5l)=(14.7)(x) Solve for x You have 8.5 liters total useable air. Spray time would total about .56 minutes in a perfect world. But youd lose some air to the regulator dumping high side excess pressure when the brush was not spraying. The 10 gallon tank... 38 liters at 120 psi 20 solid minutes of spray time.
  12. Robbyrockett

    Hello from North carolina

    Thanks guys!, I found and posted in the appropriate section.
  13. Robbyrockett

    Iwatas OEM....mystery solved...partly

    As far as I know that bill of lading is the first empirical evidence uncovered of I wata simply buying brushes from another manufacturer. I Suppose I could shorten this down to nothing but the trademark link and the bill of lading, but figured id share the whole story.
  14. Robbyrockett

    Iwatas OEM....mystery solved...partly

    What does this tell us? Most certainly; Iwata is definitely simply a middle man just like all the others. Rich most definitely makes at least some of their brushes. Most likely; You can expect the same quality from airbrushes from other japanese brands as you can from Iwata Fuso is also just a middleman , since iwata is getting their stuff from the same supplier directly. I believe there is one other factory, there are hints of it, but i havent quite found it yet. So the next time you catch some flak for saying your GSI or richpen is every bit as good as an iwata Chances are you are 100% correct. The same factory will make different levels of product but these differences are usually fairly evident, for instance how the revolutions can be hit or miss and most have obviously slightly rougher aircap holes and head threads.
  15. Robbyrockett

    Iwatas OEM....mystery solved...partly

    Now if we look at Rich's patents you'll see they own the patents on the eclipse nozzle setup, as well as a few of the trigger airbrushes sold by Iwata and GSI (mr.hobby) and others. The other patents relating to the Iwata airbrushes have long since expired. https://www19.j-platpat.inpit.go.jp/PA1/cgi-bin/PA1LIST and also notice the name of the inventor on the patent KITAjima KATSUaki Iwata does hold one patent related to airbrushes out of their 591 patents That is for the nozzle holder bit that is on the back of some of the v2 brushes.