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  1. Hi Rajan, Thanks for the confirmation. I have seen a few MODEL S-100 boats painted in camo schemes... And a profile picture with no details as to who or where the boat served. But no actual historic photos as of yet. Hence I was hopeful but sceptical. I might look into converting the Revell S -100 to an S-38 but may likely decide to just paint it grey!
  2. Hi all, Just picked up Revell's 1/72 S-100. Looks like there are quite a lot of monotone colour schemes, so I wanted to know if anybody was aware of S-100 boats wearing camouflage? It looks like the S-38 boats had complex camo schemes in many examples. Thanks
  3. A mighty effort! This kit takes some effort to get to this stage especially the rigging.
  4. Hello, I wanted to share a wonderful project which is currently fundraising to create a permanent memorial for two airmen (Sgt Jacques Bonnewit and Sgt John Muncaster) who crashed whilst flying with 51 OTU in a Mosquito NF Mk. XVII. Their aircraft crashed in Flitwick, on a training flight from RAF Cranfield. I'll let the web pages speak for themselves as there are photos and details in the links below. I think this is a wonderful example of how we can remember the small personal stories of service men and women who took part in the war - even in less 'glamorous' posting
  5. Hello everyone, I recently picked up the lovely 1/48 Dora Wings Vega Gull kit. I was fascinated by the image posted by Dave Fleming in the Rumourmonger forum. What a stunning aircraft! I want to appeal for any information people may have about the airframe. This colour scheme, apparently repainted in late 1942 at Alexandria, looks like a Coastal Command type scheme to me - Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey upper with white underside. At some point in 1942 the aircraft wore a different scheme... https://emea01.safeli
  6. Looking forward to watching this progress
  7. Stunning job. Just received this myself and hope it looks as good as yours
  8. Lovely work this is giving me inspiration for my own seahawk
  9. I'll put a good word in for commission building. I have fun myself - because I only pick subjects I want to make. This has allowed me to enjoy many 1/32 models I otherwise could not justify. However I have lovely customers and am financially secure - my builds are just a little extra in the pocket to finance my stash. I also sell models on eBay but I find this can take time and the models may not sell for as much as you could make on commission. eBay audiences seem to want to pay for the typical Battle of Britain subjects but the market is much smaller for anything more
  10. The 'box art' we have been shown may not even be final. MJR Hobbies had this listed on Facebook for Q4 2021 and the artwork quality does not seem to par with other ICM releases so I would hardly be surprised if it is an early draft for the catalogue... I am not worried yet!
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