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  1. Stebos

    MLRS Kit

    Revell also do a rebox of the DML kit, can be found under the 'MARS' title. It has an extra sprue of parts for the German version (side skirts etc). OOP so can be hard to track down.
  2. All the crazier when you think that I picked up Hase's recon version from Sprue Bros this week for a mere £7... I don't buy full RRP Hase stuff anymore, but still some nice buys to be spotted out there.
  3. Proving a bit of a pain this one. The location and fit for the cockpit pieces are rather vague, lots and lots of test fitting. Due to the open nature and not trusting myself to install the complete cockpit unit as suggested I'm building and painting it into the fuselage halves as I go. Only have this to show so far:
  4. Stebos

    Baynes Bat

    A slow start but some progress has been made: I've left out the seat and rear bulkhead, they just don't fit and won't be missed. The pilot's an old Matchbox one from the bits box, heavily filed and cut up to fit the very small space. It took countless test fits to get him in right, without getting in the way of the canopy. Simply painted up: Not much can be seen in there so I wasn't going to do too much. Current progress so far. Still need to sort out a stand for this though.
  5. This one came out rather spiffing! I like the tonal variation you got there.
  6. Tidy result there, but no licking the model afterwards!
  7. Stebos

    Baynes Bat

    Yep, it was a skid... as it would sit lopsided I may source a pilot and put it 'in flight'. Would help show the natty yellow/black understripes. Only difficulty is the lack of an obvious support point, the skid puts a block on an underside fixing. Maybe a pair of thin wires to the wingtips or something would work.
  8. Picked this up for a bargain price at the last Milton Keynes show, something a bit more complex for my second build. 13 of these were built I understand, this variant being one of 2 that were fitted with a lower hp engine than the rest. Certainly innovative, but also seemingly rather crap Bits wise, not as many as you'd expect, lots of petite scribing and rivet detail, this one will need careful painting to avoid swamping it. The only major error in the kit that I can see is the exhausts, they seem a bit oversized - and both the inboard sides shouldn't have the down kink to them, should end straight as the box art shows. I'll grind off the excess and fill. I can live with the oversized crudeness I think. Though I may have some rod I can replace them all with. So far I've washed the resin and sawed off and prepped the cockpit pieces. Hoping the fit isn't too bad...
  9. Stebos

    Baynes Bat

    Trying to get my modelling world back on track again after a dead few months... Something simple to start with... the very odd and rather colourful Baynes Bat. Very little to this kit, all the work will be in the painting it looks like. Dinky!
  10. Sorry for taking so long to get this one going, been very distracted of late! Starting tomorrow, but for now, some pics: The box, with evil livery scheme shown... since changed I think as the one at Farnborough sported a much more basic look. The bits within: Those fanblades are just lovely, two parts to each though. I worry over cleaning up seam lines to them. Still unsure on the livery scheme to pick, I'm tempted by JAL to get rid of heavy use of white. Does anyone know a shade ref for JAL's offwhite? I've had no luck at all finding that out.
  11. That's a great tip on solving that shrinkage issue. I'd have just tried filler and messed it up badly. Never have thought of planking it out.
  12. That's a lovely job there. Subtle metalwork and a white finish I can only dream of. I don't know how you airliner painters manage that, always fails with me!
  13. Sorry to bump an old thread but I had a Maskol query of my own. I need to use some to mask airliner windows but the warning on the bottle to not leave it on longer than 3 days gave me some pause. It's very unlikely I can get things to a painting level in that 3 day window, how strict is that warning? Do I risk damage if left for a week? longer? I can try it on a test strip but thought someone might already know. Thanks!
  14. Super shots there, more please! Still poking through mine from the sat, conditions were certainly tricky.
  15. Ooh I thought I was in this list already! hmmm... I'll pore through the stash later but first gut feeling is to use this as a perfect excuse for getting out the old XB-70 Valk and turning into a Mach 3 recon bird... or maybe a spaceplane, civil or mil. All I know is it won't be white as I don't hate myself enough to try such an acreage of plastic in white. Another idea that just came to mind while pondering air forces in 'what if' markings was doing something as a 'Scottish Air Force', tricky thing would be finding something that makes the idea immediately clear, without going to the silliness of white/blue camo! hmmm...
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