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  1. Well if mine ever looks like this then I didn't paint it. Great work and detailing.
  2. After spending some time looking at the pictures I am not really impressed with the outcome......... Just kidding. Fantastic work and detail. Well done.
  3. Interesting build and idea's. Yes also watching. Mike
  4. Hi and welcome. Just getting back in to the hobbie myself. Have a Revell German Submarine Type VII C/41 1:350 on order as my first build to clear the rust out and try some of these new ways of making kits. Mike
  5. Just had a read of the whole post. Fantastic work on a beautiful B17. I have the Memphis Bell in 1/48 but think I also need the G as well now.
  6. Fantastic work on a favourite off mine. Well done!!!.
  7. Ah. Well that little bug is well and truly settled in my house. More kits than my wife's handbag collection.
  8. Just getting back into it myself Simon. So much has changed since my last kit. But we do this for fun and enjoyment of it. I am sure my might efforts will be questionable at best.
  9. Mike.

    Hi All

    Ok will do, well I mean will not lol
  10. Mike.

    Hi All

    Thanks yes the stash is growing as my wife keeps reminding me. It has been sometime since I built a kit and I was ok back them. Not a touch on what you guys are doing with airbrushes. Mine was all brush work but good results. Two more to the stash the newer Revell Ju88 A4 level 4 1:48 from the ICM tool and the other kit is a Airfix 9 04024 F-18A Hornet 1:72.
  11. Mike.

    Hi All

    Erm lol right I will work on the ruby murray and chocolate. Thanks for the welcome all. Not building currently as just getting back in to the hobby and buying kits. I'm in to WW2 aircraft, ships and any jets really. Need to get a airbrush etc as well. So may have brought one or two kits Revell 04575 Boeing AH-64 Apache 1:32 Revell 04758 De Havilland DH 98 Mosquito 1:32 Revell 04425 Eurocopter EC-135 1:32 Revell 04923 Panavia Tornado 1:32 Revell Supermarine Spitfire iMk.22/24. 1:32 Revell 03986 Supermarine Spitfire 1:32 Jeanne d'Arc Heller
  12. Mike.

    Hi All

    Hello. After ten years of building and flying a mix of nitro RC aircraft I have started buying a few kits. I used to build kits back in the 80's such as heller, matchbox etc. I once built a 1/48 B17 for a competition when I was about ten and came fourth. Happy days. Well thats me saying hello.
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