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  1. My vote is for fully tooled-up bad boy, like every kid used to build. Why, if there’s everything in the box, it’s going to get stuck on the model!
  2. I think it is Mike. Good job I decided to make a start putting it together. I think I’m missing some metalwork. I’ll email the guys now. Just a packing error I expect. Edit update: all sorted, bits coming in the post. Great service as always!
  3. Mine just arrived. I got a real kick out of the packaging. Everything is recyclable, and there’s no plastics I can see. Well done! Now, should I construct it or get on with what I should be doing?
  4. Daniel, thank you for explaining the situation. Thank you, also, for your dedication to the subject. I wish you the best of luck in finding a new hosting service, and only wish I could help in some way.
  5. Thanks both! Peter, at the moment, because one colour has a satin sheen while the other is matt, it’s definitely showing when catching light. The corrugations also vary the effect, through very tiny shadows and giving the impression of darker colour. Ced, I was worried about bleed under the masking tape. However, a couple of factors came into play. First, the colour contrast doesn’t show any bleed to a great extent. Second, airbrushing at low pressure while trying to blow across the edges from the tape side minimised excess paint flow. I’m really pleased with the outcome. We will s
  6. Cheers chaps! The contrast between 70 and 71 is very low, but I am reliably informed it is pretty true to life. I see other Luftwaffe models where the RLM71 is far more prominent. Indeed, the KP instructions call out Hu91 for RLM70 and Hu30 for RLM71, which would be far more contrasty in finish. Then again, I’m no expert. I tend to rely on what comes in the tin when it comes to colour renditions - see my various French builds for example! Anyway, carefully sidestepping that particular can of worms… I worked out a pattern for the fuselage. I tried to follow
  7. That's both wings and tailplane/fin done. Just the fuselage to work out. Then I think I’ll leave things to dry thoroughly before working out Hissing Sid and his oppo. Yes, there has been a casualty. The starboard elevator has become unstuck. Remarkably, the only control surface that has, considering how little material is in contact to be glued!
  8. I think this will work. Feeling happier about masking it now.
  9. Right, here we go. I have to drawings for the camo and markings. The upper drawing by Wojtek is in the Montex set. You can see it doesn’t quite match with the drawing in the KP instructions. No matter, I shall navigate a path between them. This is such a large model, compared to some of the stuff I’ve been working on recently at least, I’ve decided on the strategy of mask a part of the model, paint it, unmask and let it dry, then mask the next bit and repeat. That means I won’t have to handle a model covered in sticky tape, can concentrate on g
  10. I try to be tidy, but I always fail. I have a large workbench, but always seem to end up working at the very front edge of it! Since investing in some EBMA storage units, though, I’ve tried to be more disciplined about putting tools away at the end of a session.
  11. I think it may well be. It would have been useful to have some guidance in the packet, or at least some mention of the order of painting expected. Why go to all the bother of designing and cutting the masks but not explain how best to deploy them? Still, they’ve have my money now. I shall make a point of avoiding Montex in the future if at all possible. I’m never very keen on their vinyl canopy masks anyway. So there. *stamps little foot and accidentally stamps on other little foot's big toe* I have decided the kit transfers will be used for markings, but the
  12. Thanks for the input folks. Much appreciated. I think I will rule a merger out for the bunfight. If we don’t get through, then we can think about changing the parameters and joining forces for another go. I’m not sure about running two variations under one theme. I’ve not hosted a GB before, although I am a sleeping cohost of the Heller Classic at the moment, and I don’t really want my first attempt at a solo being too complicated! I’ve only got a small braincell, and it easily overheats. Of course, even if we don’t get through there’s no reason why I couldn’t start a
  13. Oh, this is going to be fun. The snake was apparently masked out of the RLM70/71 when the 65 was over painted. I could use the kit transfers, but they won’t match the paint I’m using for the splinter camo. The laser cut mask really expects the splinter camo to be in place and the light blue painted over it. Hmm. I reckon I should bite that mythical bullet and paint the orthodox camo pattern as the plane came from the factory, then mask up and respray the blue. This is, apparently, going to be fun. Incidentally, I’ve been attempting to get my noggin round how to
  14. RLM65 goes on. All those little corrugations are hard work with an air brush. Shooting from one side causes a shadow in each trough - another good reason for using a fairly dark base coat - which requires you to shoot again from the opposite side, and then go over the whole thing again almost at right angles to the model. I am going with one of the kit options for the camouflage and markings, which meets my 1940 obsession criteria. It’s an interesting scheme, where the RLM65 is half-way up the fuselage sides, and is subsequently decorated with a snake in eith
  15. Still to add that one, but I also have the Hs123. And now, back to our regular scheduled programmes.
  16. D'oh! Just when I thought the end of my Western European collection was in sight!
  17. That’s a fair idea. In fact, should DD not make it through this round (a definite possibility), I’m all up for changing the format so it could be merged into another similar build. We have to remember this is all done for fun, after all.
  18. If you mean that cute Fiat CR.42, then it’s fine. Part of the phobia is getting wings aligned and fiddling with struts. Besides, the Falco did have crossed bracing wires on the outer struts. As for Harriers, then yes, yes they do meet the High Wing criteria.
  19. Looking really smart Greg. This is not the first build in this GB to have me reviewing my 1940 collection and wondering if I need to add to it!
  20. My first reaction as the image scrolled into view:
  21. Folks, I want to put an idea out there. In the bunfight thread linked in my last post, there’s some discussion about merging some group build ideas where they have a fair crossover of subject and content. I am not against this idea, which seems very sensible. It has been suggested my GB could merge with the High Wing GB. Now, I agree there is an element of crossover between the builds, as most biplanes have a high wing somewhere. However, the idea behind Double Deckers is to encourage you to have a go at something that you might perceive as difficult, in other w
  22. It's generally the rigging that most seem to find a problem, so my idea was to encourage people to have a go. Monoplanes generally don’t have much string holding them together - well, once you get past about 1920 anyway.
  23. Well folks, we’ve made it into the 2021 Bunfight! Thank you to everyone that put their names forward. It will soon be time to vote and see if we actually make it as far as having an actual calendar allocation next year. On 1 November, we can vote for our preferred group builds in the poll. I hope I can count on your votes, and don’t forget we can also persuade other BM members to vote for Double Deckers - even if they don’t want to take part!
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