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  1. Yes that’s the problem right there. After much googling, a material called ‘cratex’ is the answer. If you’re old enough to remember old style ink erasers, it’s a very gritty rubber-ish compound, it’s like that. I found something similar for dremel, which is pointed, so you need to cut the point off. you also need rubbing compound, like valve grinding paste, or even toothpaste. watch this space! Nick
  2. We have a winner! Yes exactly. It’s for the engine turned instrument panel. I have tried drawing and 3D printing these patterns, but even when they are at the maximum resolution the printer is capable of, they aren’t subtle enough as you can see on this test Piece. Nick
  3. Hi everyone, back on the horse now I haven't been taking my pills lately so have just come up with this puppy:- So come on then, answers on a postcard, what the Hell is it! The clue (not much of a one admittedly) is the recess in the top bit is 80mm X 25mm and .5mm deep It's just printing now, so I'll let you know if it works shortly and all will be revealed then. Nick
  4. That’s very interesting, it’s becoming increasingly likely that I’ll buy one of these then. Nick
  5. Hi Frank, I'm just working out the batching for the various prints needed for the engine kit, there are around 700 separate parts in total it turns out when I asked fusion to count them for me! and I need to do a load of photography and diagrams to produce a build manual as well. I'm producing a second prototype as a gift for my friend Enzo who provided all the data and photos, so that will help with 'productionising' this, it's not a 5 minute job though, so it will be a few weeks at least, more likely Jan 2022 realistically I think, but don't hold me to it! Nick
  6. Thanks Poul, yes looking forward to that arriving. Gives me enough time time to save up for the several gallons of resin and iso I'll need to run the bloody thing too! I've also seriously got my eye on one of these babies:- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/makera-inc/carvera?ref=discovery&term=cnc What I like about it (many things!) is that it has auto tool changing, an amazing looking fourth axis (scroll down a lot in the link above) and Fusion 360 will generate all the tool paths for me directly. I'm sure I'm vastly over simplifying this but in my head it's very nearly another 3D printer only the other way around, ie CNC milling without the learning curve. In the past I've always been put off CNC/milling because I would have to draw and generate tool paths for absolutely everything, even the most basic components, or conversely if I went for a conventional mill although I thought I would get more use out of it (I have a manual lathe already for example, which is very handy but rarely used) , I would have to learn to use it and of course couldn't do CNC stuff. So I kept swinging between both arguments and did nothing. Now I'm all over fusion, the first argument has been smashed, and this beautiful little machine came along at just the right time. It does laser engraving as well as PCBs/CNC routing both of which I would use, and could even avoid having to go to PE potentially for basic stuff that doesn't lend itself to 3D printing - the alternator brackets on the F40 for example. Mainly though, I'm thinking about milling ali chassis rails/axles/hub bearers etc for my Bentley Blower ... which just leaves the tyres to solve, watch this space! Nick
  7. Frank, I’ve taken to drawing everything 1:1 scale - the F40 is for example, so I can print at various scales. it just so happens I’ve got a monster printer arriving in April too, 1/6th shouldn’t be a problem Nick
  8. Thanks for your faith! it was just a class win - scratch built civilian vehicle.
  9. I was mostly interested in the competition, the second half of the set has stuff outside of the comp. Nick
  10. Glad you liked them. I even resisted the temptation to put my own meagre effort up! Nick
  11. Here’s a few of my shots from Telford for those who couldn’t make it Telford Photos Nick
  12. Ade, thanks very much. I already have gone into business! Engines coming soon
  13. Just got back from Telford with one of these - who'd have thought?
  14. That’s very kind thank you. I’ll find out how I got on with it at the scale model world championships when I collect it tomorrow! The competition was outstanding, so not overly hopeful! Nick
  15. You did better than me, I only lasted about an hour. Nick
  16. On the home straight now, belts are printing, decals are drawn, a few bits and pieces left to draw but not much. Here’s some quick cellphone snaps. Nick
  17. Here's where I'm up to with the model:- Nick
  18. Just a few tweaks to go now, here’s the latest renders printer is going flat out too now! Nick
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