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  1. For me as a beginner Eduard spits are the best kits to build. Challenging enough, but at the same time easy fit, perfectly made with panel lines, detailing, riveting etc, not too deep, not to vague, just perfect. And all it comes in a very correct price comparing to others. For example I recently bought Dora Wings kit for about £17 and it is a pure disaster comparing to what you get on Eduard kits in the price range. I even bough Eduard kit from 1998 (not spitfire though), but it is excellent. From my poor experience as a modeller - you just cannot get wrong with eduard.
  2. PaulV

    Tamiya P51D 1/72

    Thanks! If being honest I found it much more difficult then RAF colours. On the other hand it was a joy since I did not use humbrol paints :DDDD So Revell acrylic and acrylic thinner of ration 50/50, 4 coats and the results are not excellent, but acceptable. First coats made me think it will end up crap and wanted to quit modelling, leave the family, quit job and go to some desert and hide, but end result was not that bad
  3. PaulV

    Tamiya P51D 1/72

    Thanks! If being honest I cannot say that Tamiya is better. I would say both are kind of even. Tamiya is more detailed, gear bay is much more detailed, panel lines, instrument panel etc and NORMAL landing gear legs (airfix ones are really crap, wonky and less detailed). However you cannot have flaps down, back wheel doors are molded - so cannot have them closed, so airfix mustangs got some benefits as well apart from being cheaper. The canopy sits the same way like on Airfix, however I noticed that it is incorrect so glued it the way it should be
  4. PaulV

    Tamiya P51D 1/72

    Thank you! humbrol 33 was matt, however it is horrible paint and left lots of brushing signs, so I polish it with a micro fibre cleaning cloth (one that comes with sunglasses) to make it look at least a bit better and by doing this I got a shiny colour
  5. PaulV

    Tamiya P51D 1/72

    Many thanks! Yeah, that is a really good advise, I am looking at it now and those "spaces" between the wings etc are quite annoying. I have never used filler yet, but need to look into getting some
  6. Hello, so I have finished my 4th model in my life Added tamiya p51D 1/72 scale to my collection. Not that good in weathering and stuff, this time tried to make metal scratches etc. All model was painted using brushes. Used: Revell acrylic - black and silver colour. Lovely paints for me as a begginer Humbrol red - horrible paint for me as a beginner for brushing. Too thick if without thinner, poor coverage if thinned requiring a lot of coating which ends up in being too thick anyway Nose - humbrol 33. Horrible paint as well, but when did some "scratched metal with lot of wear and tear effect" ended up not that bad, so quite happy with the result. Used some random decal fix (unbranded) for decals - looks like pva glue and smells similarly, but happy with the result . Did not apply any varnish - thought the plane is glossy enough already. Tamiya kit: I build airfix p51 mustang before, so this kit seems to be better - excellent fit which is very important for me as a beginner and much more detailed than airfix. However comes with a price, I paid about £14 for the kit, when airfix was about £9 with next day delivery including paints and stuff. Only few pounds difference, details are much better, however far far behind of Eduards spitfires detailing in the same scale and the price is similar (also noticed that Eduard's clear parts are MUUUUCH better quality, on the other hand I am not sure if there is any better mustang kit available in 1/72 scale + you get a really nice instrument panel instead of having decal only. Liked tamiya's decals, even though I believe Airfix decals are much better and eduard would be on the last place here, however Tamiya provides more of them then airfix + seat belts decal which is a very nice touch. Did a lot of mistakes here, like showing metal wear and tear on the rudder and just then realising that it should be fabric material look. But oh well this time Currently building Airfix Typhoon in 1/72 scale so any critique that would help to advance is more than welcome!
  7. PaulV

    Wrong forum

    AAAnd of course I have posted it to the wrong forum Can someone please move it to where it belongs to? I am very for this
  8. Sorry, posted in wrong forum. Please delete
  9. Wow. Amazing, superb. Very well done. Question: How did you do the fuel tank on one of your spits? Aftermarket or just made it yourself?
  10. PaulV

    Hey all

    Many thanks all
  11. PaulV

    Help me to choose Spitfire/p51 Kit 1/48

    Many thanks! The offer I do research the more kits I want + when you look at the built/ready to display pictures I just want all of them. Anyway, I did consider 1/32 scale, but at the moment considering my skill set and that I am still using the brush for painting... I will stick to 1/72 and will try 1/48. Thanks for the links by the way, I did not know few of them I am also looking for good deals, managed to get eduards new spit in 1/72 for £10 from Amazon with Prime delivery
  12. PaulV

    Hey all

    Many thanks! I have asked her about perfume. Since I can live with hers too many shoes, her collection of perfume is a great argument against why I want many planes I know the web already, but did not go into very details there. Anyway, it just proves that the hobby is quite a hard work, since it is complicated from the beginning of "what kit to choose" up to the end "what decals will I use".
  13. PaulV

    Help me to choose Spitfire/p51 Kit 1/48

    Superb. Many thanks. I dont' find it negative at all, I am more than happy to see reviews like that. Many thanks again! Will need to do a bit of more research and find out what I want as you say Thank you!!!!
  14. PaulV

    Help me to choose Spitfire/p51 Kit 1/48

    Many thanks, makes sense. As mentioned I have built eduard 1/72 - I did not push for extremely visible rivet lines, however it is bit visible on close inspection and gives some lovely shades from a distance when being not so obvious. I know that rivets are usually not that much visible and they are certainly not black washed and what is done with rivet tools or eduard made rivets - actually does not look like rivets, looks like small holes for your wash :DDD But that is pretty much closest you can get with modelling if I am not mistaken. I am def building Eduard kit in 1/48 with resins and stuff, however at the moment I believe it is a bit too advance to me. + I am more than happy to try riveting myself, would be something nice to learn. Do you mean ICM kit has horrible fit? Does meng mustang kit include engine parts?