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  1. Thanks Arnold. Unfortunately I do not use such sites but i posted some pics at scalemates. I just informed about flickr and similar services and decided not to use them for data safety reasons. As written above I posted some pics at scalematcom where it is easy to find. You can watch them without being a member. to do this : insert "scalemates HMS Amazone" e.g. at google search. the search result will lead you to the product page of airfix HMS amazone at scalemates. Scroll down and you will find the pics on my account.
  2. Meanwhile the build is nearly finished. Only the "rigging", rod antennas and the helicopter is missing. I tried to correct the original kit by using photos I found at the internet. For sure not perfect but I am satisfied with the result. I would like to add a photo but to be honest, I do not know how
  3. @ Francis: I ordered the PE´s last friday. Nevertheless, thanks for the hint and the photo.
  4. Many thanks to all of you and especially davecov for the link. This will help a lot.
  5. Thank you. for your response. I know this photo and it is one of better quality. This is the photo that seems to confirm that no Exocet was installed.
  6. Hello, for a Falklands War project I intend to build HMS Antelope (F170) by using the Airfix HMS Amazon kit. Research showed that available photos in the internet are mostly of poor quality and are not helpful to identify details. According to my sources HMS Antelope was the only Amazon class vessel that did not have been refitted with exocet missiles. The available poor quality photos seem to confirm this and it seems that in front of the bridge Corvus Launchers were installed. Can somebody confirm this ? Does somebody know of books that include good quality photos of HMS Antelope? Are there any reasons not to use the Amazon kit? Any information will be appreciated. Cheers Lemmy
  7. Thank you very much Dennis for this very detailed explaination. This answers all my questions. This also explains why the latches are only present onnthe foreward covers.
  8. Many thanks, this information will help a lot
  9. Unfortunately not but thankyou for your effort.
  10. I built the Harrier Gr3 with open engine covers. For this I used the CMK kit.I believe that the covers are hingeged on a central beam because they seem to have latches to fix them when closed. Unfortunatly the CMK instruction is not clear in this point. I also believe that in case that they are open there have to be struts to keep/secure them in open position. The question now is: Are there struts and if yes, how do they look like and where are they located or is it a misunderstanding and the covers are not hinged and have to be removed completely from the aircraft to get access to the engine?
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