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  1. hello Woody The build of this Withley is not for tomorrow. I must find a good scale plan before I asked CC If he can write to RAF MUSEUM research service (he is a better writer than me) for a good plan for the Withley. If I receive good news from RAF Museum. ll share it with if you if you are interessed Pierre
  2. Hello Chris Thank you for the comments about the Stirling and the Lincol. The AFV model is the DAIMLER DINGO Scout Car from MINIART scale 1/35. Good level of details but the fiting aren t top Pierre
  3. Hello Colin If ou have some pics from this time? I GONE TWO TIMES IN cosford with CC ant we saw the Lincoln It.s an mpressive one. the Brigand could be an intersting build in a not so far future BS 103 Pierre
  4. Hello Dears, One more from Pierre... He just told me that he'll surely not start it right now... But for the one who know him.... More to come soon... Sincerely. CC
  5. Hello Dears, Here I'm again, presenting some pics that BS103 sent to me.... Pierre finally found the Lincoln conversion he was looking for .... So... On he is !!! Correcting the access door... And the tailwheel !! Modifying the internals... Cutting the fuselage in 3 parts... And now the nose... I told about 3 projects... Just have a look... Aaaand a bit different... A note for the @general melchett The napkin is ready for the garden party... See on Whitley pic... Now Pierre will answer to your comments and suggestions... Sincerely. CC
  6. Hello Dears, Pierre sent me some pics Here, he has worked on the elevators, using Tamiya tape and of course some sanding !! A bit more to come soon... Since, he's working on another project.... Well actually, 4 other projects... I think that he get CCized... CC
  7. that' s showed purportedly my dear Melchett, I 'll finish the table, bring on the Glenmorangie
  8. Last pic to date.. More to come soon And may be a thread about a 1/48 Lincoln... CC
  9. The original masters were partly in plastic and plaster.. Here's the fiberglass first shot... and the rectified fuselage... BS103 has also an exemplary of the Sanger offer (you bet ??) That will be a Frankenstirling for sure !! But, interiors are well on its way... Sooo my job here would be to post the images, Pierre will answer himself to your questions and comments !! Well, @general melchett and @woody37 and @Mancunian airman, It's up to you now !! Sincerely. CC
  10. Hello Dears, It is a bit weird for me to start this thread for my friend ... Sooo, here we go... Years ago, we heard of a master for a 1/48 Stirling for sale or short run production. We took contact with the guy, he was the man who did most of the masters for Fonderie Miniature... Shivers down the spine... However, he was a fine guy and I've had a good modelling time with him I borrowed the master and Pierre and me started to collect plans and drawings... Taking moulds of some parts and trying to improve what can be improved... The fuselage was cut in four pieces and the Stirling would have been another Fonderie masterpiece... (Yes, I'm really sarcastic) But for unknown reason, a few months later, I received a letter from the guy asking for the master... So, we picked all the parts, packed it and send it back to France. I don't know what has happened.... Neither did I know why he changed his mind and became angry... My best guess is that he wanted to build a Stirling when he was still able to do it... End of the frustrating story for us.... But BS103 is a BC fan to the bone... His brother is an RC modeller and use to work with fiberglass.... So after a lot of correction both in shape and dimensions, here's where he was... Well, I'll be back because Flickr is down again...
  11. Hello All I resume the hampdens build. Interior is nearby to be finished Still there is some work to do and now the pilot seat See you the next time
  12. Hello Chris You're right, the prop blades are not glued. As it is parts from another kit, I posed it with needles, so they can move, Thank for the comments. Sincerely. Pierre
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