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  1. Hello General I thank you for providing a place on the SIG BC for my two Handley page models It was great for me Thank you again Pierre
  2. Hello All I resume the hampdens build. Interior is nearby to be finished Still there is some work to do and now the pilot seat See you the next time
  3. Hello Chris You're right, the prop blades are not glued. As it is parts from another kit, I posed it with needles, so they can move, Thank for the comments. Sincerely. Pierre
  4. This model is full of putty resin and a lot of other stuffs more than plastic parts @Martian Hale know what a Fonderie kit look like Thanks for the comments Sincerely Pierre
  5. Hello all, I I finished the Tolerton Halifax begun some years ago A 419 squadron Halifax (Medicine Hat) was the very last bomber to land after the Peenemunde raid Unfortunately Medicine Hat went missing with all on board the FEV 22nd 1944 .
  6. Hi ! Thank for showing your progress Dear General ! Come on Guys !! Keep calm and build FM Hampden I think that my interiors can be called done ! Includind that weirdos of a reinforcement plate, a plate that is visible inside AND outside.... Why so simple ?? And now the other side... Since my camera is dead, and my cell phone did'nt like the macro pics, I post it with CC Obviously, all these internals are checked continuously for the fitting of the fuselages... And here's the result, See the reinforcement plate ! and now from above As my Tollerton is about to be finished, the next call will be a RFI !! More to come soon ! BS103
  7. Hi Andy Yes its a longtime build and the interior is a full scratchbuilt For the Battle I ll resume it later after Halifax and Hampden
  8. Hi Martin Thank you for the kind words I have a halifax FM/sanger Merlin engines from Sanger and the Tollerton nose( scrathbuild) and the Hampden on the workbench I have only one another FM Kit ( Dornier 24 T) it s enough for my mental health. Just to say I don't follow the CC s bicolours way of life for these two builds. Pierre
  9. Seem to have a glitch with posting the pics Okay, it's working now The ribbing will go well after the rear turret The Fonderie interior is TOTALLY wrong so I do a new one helped with the photos taken at Cosford Some view of the dashboard The wing slot have been blanked off Now especially for the tentacled one @Martian Hale Some Fonderie adjustments one can note that my scratchbuilt parts are joining almost well The half fuselages will promise some putty sanding and putty again followed by more sanding. The Spitfire Mk VII will be finished before the Flyingsuitcase for sure !! Hope that you enjoy it. regards BS103
  10. Hello, Seemingly, it's a Fonderie season.... So here especially for the @general melchett a thread about my Hampden... And some news from the front ! The interior is completely scratchbuild
  11. HI jochim I modified the ailerons position the canopy wasn t cemented at the time I took picture thank you for the goode words BS 103 (Pierre)
  12. thank you for the good words BS 103
  13. First canadian AFV in CAEN JULY 1944
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