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  1. Will, I'm reliably informed that the Badger sizes equate to the following: Fine = 0.25mm Medium = 0.50mm Regards Greg
  2. According to the information supplied to distributors both the 65% & 100% LERX are included! However, the PDF with the parts layout for the Harrier only shows sprue K (65% LERX) but in the text it states both are included. Oddly the same layout also shows sprue U (GR.5 nose) rather than the correct sprue V (GR.7/9 nose) "Hopefully" the correct parts are all in the box!! Greg
  3. Kit No: 09921 Harrier GR Mk.9 `FAA 100th Anniversary` did include both the 100% LERX (Sprue J) and the original 65% LERX (Sprue K) but as far as I'm aware that was the only Hasegawa British Harrier that did. £57.99 in the UK according to Hannants: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/EDK1166 although I'm sure it will be available cheaper from a number of outlets! You can of course save 10% on that if you preorder but then you will have to add p&p back onto the total. Greg
  4. GregW

    zero paints

    I think you will find it is suppose to be like that. Zero paints are basically small amounts of full size car paint, base coat and clear lacquer. There's a very helpful tutorial here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234956647-matts-tips-for-painting-cars/ Regards Greg
  5. Had a box on Friday containing these: Finally managed to have a good look at them this morning and they are simply stunning. Some of the best casting I've seen. Superb work Jeffrey. I will be ordering a couple more of these plus the canopy sets when they are available. Greg
  6. Mike, Unfortunately I was told last week that Hannants delivery is likely to be the first week in January! A shame, as I was hoping to pick one up as an early Christmas present to myself!!! Greg
  7. GregW

    EA-3B Skywarrior 1:48

    Received mine yesterday from Creative Models who have it on special this week http://www.creativemodels.co.uk/trumpeter_148_douglas_ea3b_skywarrior_strategic_bomber-p-40194.html As I suggested previously you definitely cannot make an EA-3B out of it, but all the parts are there for a standard late model A-3B. Greg.
  8. I recently bought the Alfred's Mind set, but really wish I hadn't wasted my money on them. Poor is the polite description of the quality!! Appreciate your not looking for orders, but "if" you do market them I'd be very interested in at least a couple of pairs. I've got a set of the Paragon ones but am loathe to use them incase I goof them up!!! Greg
  9. That's a bit strange! I used Gator Glue on the set I've just added to a 1/48th Airfix Mk.1 Spitfire and it worked a treat? The belts themselves are a bit fiddly and In my opinion a little light In colour, but I found them considerably easier to use than the colour etched ones and almost as effective. I did add a dark wash to try and tone the colour back a little. Greg
  10. Picked mine up from AJ Aviation this morning. The detail and finesse has to be seen to be appreciated. Tamiya at the top of their game and the RRP has gone down by £10 to £149.99 Greg.
  11. GregW

    EA-3B Skywarrior 1:48

    It would appear from Mikes review that someone at Trumpeter is getting their EA-3B (A3D-2Q) and A-3B (A3D-2) variants mixed up!! Possible decal issues notwithstanding, is would seem that an "A-3B" Strategic Bomber (late version) is what you get in the box? In fact Hannants actually list the kit as an A-3B on their website! I was thinking of adding one of these to my Skywarrior collection, but now I'm having second thoughts as it's similar to the original release, all be it with the later nose, tail and canopy. Greg
  12. Hi Jon, Never used Xtracrylix but I am given to understand that both the standard Mr Colour and Mr Colour self levelling thinner are a type of cellulose, so will thin any number of paint types including some (Alcohol?) based acrylics? I mainly use Enamels (Xracolor primary) thinned with cellulose, but do occasionally go over to the "dark" side using a number of the Tamiya acrylics and these thin and spray superbly with cellulose. Greg
  13. Interestingly the decal sheet features the same two units as the F-106A single seat kit and not unsurprisingly it has the same errors!! Black USAF and U.S. Air Force titles which should be blue and incorrect shades on the blue and red of the Florida and New Jersey main unit markings!! I've recently built the single seater and it has to rank as one of Trumpeters best efforts in 1/48th, decal aside of course. One small query Mike, as far as I'm aware all service Delta Darts both A's & B's were overall FS16473 ADC grey not natural metal? Greg
  14. I've got one of the Dual Combo kits plus two sets of plastic parts with photo etch sitting In front of me and it looks every bit as good as the two previous kits. Would have preferred it if Eduard had issued the bubble top as a stand alone kit, but the dual combo makes perfect sense from a sales and marketing point of view!! One thing that is slightly puzzlingly is the difference in retail price between the two UK Importers! Creative Models being some £4.51 cheaper than Hannants? Same applies to the new Vietnam A-4 where they are cheaper by a fiver??? Greg
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