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  1. Looks great Peter! Mind if I ask what brand(s) of stowage are you using on the Sherman?
  2. Looking good and from a brand I've never heard off before
  3. Many thanks for the replies gents you've been very helpful. In terms of whether anti-slip is visible or not the answer is a definite maybe, on Israeli vehicles it is extremely noticeable because of the size of the particles they use. For others such as the Abrams not so much unless you get up close. I think I'll experiment with some Tamiya texture paste on scrap and figure out if I could be bothered or not. Cheers
  4. I am about to make a start on Takom's Chieftain Mk.11 and I had a question on the anti-slip coating. According to Richard Kent in his Mk.11 build article, he states that "The Hull front on a Chieftain is a single casting and in service the British Army version of anti slip was applied at least once a year (wet sand thrown onto wet paint then sprayed over)". My question is around the turret, was a similar wet sand approach used on the turret and how far back and forwards on the turret did it extend? Any help on this would be much appreciated. Cheers
  5. Fantastic work on those two builds, I love the detailing and the weathering
  6. "Game over man, game over"
  7. Very nice work indeed Andrew, well done.
  8. I thought you might like that one Mike.
  9. Lads I have just noticed on PMMS that Takom have announced another very tasty WWI kit, the St. Chamond Late Type. Coming hot on the heels of their recently anounced Mk.IV Male & Female kits, the news just keeps getting better & better for anyone interested in the Great War. http://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/newkitnews/takom.html
  10. Very well put Edgar. I must admit the main thing with this whole thread that has genuinely surprised me is the rude and dismissive way some members have belittled the points made by others. This has been to the point of being downright rude at times. I always thought this site was a better than that, it's quite disappointing really.
  11. Alan, if you are looking for a trouble free introduction to 1/35 armoured vehicles (WWII Nth Africa) then my recommendation would be the Tamiya Matilda, the new one. It is a brilliant kit that gives you the choice between glueable rubber band tracks or link and length tracks. The only slightly sour note may be the Caunter scheme for painting which you may want to dump in favor of an overall Portland Stone finish.
  12. Wow, we seem to be overwhelmed by fantastic looking builds on this site at the moment, great job Cheers
  13. Bloody hell that's fantastic looking work Alan, I'll certainly be looking out for future updates. Cheers
  14. That's a stunning looking build Romain, congratulations Also very nicely photographed as well. Cheers Darren
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