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  1. Another Update! Whipped out my trusty dremel and got to cutting, scrounged around and found a trashed p61 I cut apart and began to use tidbits from. Current design looks good, I'm just a bit worried about prop clearance, you think this would be okay? The propeller is a bit wonky in the second picture, and it would be a bit more perpindicular to the nose. Excuse the mess, im also working on my restoration of an older RC plane.
  2. What was your technique to do the brush painted camouflage? Was it just highly thinned?
  3. Hello all, I'm currently under going a highly detailed P-40N, (Or as detailed as my budget and time will allow) and am looking for some certain pictures of the P-40N, which were painted yellow for training purposes. Pictures, Information, anything on these Yellow Warhawks would help. Thanks in advance, and hopefully I can gather everything for a build here soon.
  4. I've seen that photo, and where I've gotten some inspiration for this from. From what I've heard, that prototype P40 may have been just a little tinker project, or just a serious joke by the wrench turners at the field, but who knows!
  5. Here we go ladies and gents! I finally did it! I used one of my Modelcraft 1/48 F82 kits. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235037719-p-51-heavy-fighter-xp-51te/
  6. Finally! I cut my losses and pulled one of the four model craft F-82 1/48 scale kits from my stash. I figured since they aren't the best, and I got such a deal, I would satisfy my cravings. Here's a rough, rough mockup.
  7. Reading through this thread, peeked my interest in these Commandoa Comics. So I got on Amazon. I've got the Battle of Britan Scramble on its way to my door for a total of $10.14. Anywho, the build is looking fantastic!
  8. Peter, do you happen to have any closer pictures of the modifications you did to the Beau? I'm currently working on the exact same kit and am detailing the interior as much as feasibly possible. Beautiful build anyways! Shes a Beau-ty!
  9. Also, anybody know a good place to get parts/parts kits at a decent price? My parts bin is full of car stuff, just limited on plane stuff. I just need a good fuselage to tie in with the wings and rudder. I'm thinking of a twin engine heavy fighter, similar to the F7F or Ta-154. So maybe a Dora or a Jug Fuse?
  10. Ahhh, I love the P75,the best part is that since I'm in Ohio, a real one is only a 20 minute drive, as as for the other ideas, it's made the cogs turn in my head. I've already got it all planned out. Thanks for the threads and such, they will be a great inspiration.
  11. First of all, to start us off, I'm not too sure where this would go, but I thought this might be the right please, if not then my mistake, and I do apologize. After the multitude of projects I've worked one, I've accumulated random parts, (P40 Tail, Seafire wings, random bits like that.) And want to put the plastic to use. Do you folks think that a "scratchbuilt" plane, or rather one using spare parts would be feasible? I know I could do it physically, I just don't know how it would turn out, or if I should try it. Advice?
  12. This is one of my relaxed builds, or what I also call "too lazy and bored of rivet counting to make it a show stopper." So it'll just be a OOB, brushed paint build. And as to the photos, I'm probably going to move over to Flikr or Imgur. Just gotta get time.
  13. Looks quite Beautiful! I'm currently working on converting an Otaki P40 to an N model using an old medallion models N conversion kit. I also have an F conversion kit. Hopefully mine turns out as pretty as yours!!
  14. Small update!! Got the pit all painted. This shows it before decals were applied. http://s1126.photobucket.com/user/josephpettus3/media/20180501_152215_zps21jqg8ln.jpg.html?filters[user]=147194651&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1 Painted landing gear bits. http://s1126.photobucket.com/user/josephpettus3/media/20180501_152227_zpshhqnzmos.jpg.html?filters[user]=147194651&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0
  15. Hmm, even with following the instructions I cant seem to upload pictures. I've both tried pasting the URL and using the 'Insert from URL' button and neither seem to work. Am I doing something wrong?
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