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  1. AMC1965

    1/35 Theodolite

    That is fantastic, thank you so much, I much appreciate it. If the build is any good I will send you a photo. Yes, that is the photo I have, its a really good one. Thank you again
  2. AMC1965

    1/35 Theodolite

    Oh, could I have some photos of the inside of the box too please, would be nice to have the box next to the tripod in the diorama. Many many thanks.
  3. AMC1965

    1/35 Theodolite

    Oh wow, that is really useful. Would it be possible to have some photos from the other angles as well please. That is perfect for a scratch build. Thank you so much
  4. AMC1965

    1/35 Theodolite

    That is a good point, I had considered both but my preference is deployed with a figure adapted to be using it. I have found a great close up of an LRDG member using one and it details the working end of the theodolite nicely. I have a spare sun compass in 1/35 so may try to adapt that with plastic rod etc. Its interesting to know that there would not have been a standard theodolite, many thanks for that as it means I can be allowed a bit of leeway in my interpretation of it (I.e. allow for dodgy scratch building) cheers for the info :-)
  5. AMC1965

    1/35 Theodolite

    Hi Pigsty, you are of course correct, there is one set I have seen that does three types of tripod based rangefinders. As I said in my post it is just sheer laziness. I have spent all this evening fiddling with minute Eduard PE straps so there is no reason why I shouldn't craft one. I have surfed the net and cannot find an actual theodolite so assume there probably isn't one. Many thanks for your response
  6. AMC1965

    1/35 Theodolite

    Hi there, Quick question - does anyone know of any company that makes a 1/35 scale theodolite? I am currently doing a LRDG diorama and need a theodolite. Just me being lazy really, I can source tripods and guess I could scratchbuild the theodolite but if there is one out there then so much easier. Many thanks in advance. Andy C
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