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  1. Good morning all, I finally bit the bullet, purchased some EZ Line and retrofitted it to the Spitfire. Even without paint she looks so much cleaner. Thanks for the great advice everyone, now I feel comfortable cracking on with the Airfix F8 Meteor.
  2. Looking really good mikey! I ended up cutting the wing roundels either side of the vortex generators and finding a suitable paint to fill the gaps. Vallejo model air Steel Blue 71.087 RAL5013 if its of any help?
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone, I must admit modelling is on hold for another week whilst I visit my parents in Kefalonia.... I'm too busy looking at views like... I'll have to do some research when I get back to blighty, decide on a product and retro fit to the mk1 Spit. I'll try and remember to post some pics too
  4. Thanks everyone, appreciate the feedback. I will defo have a look for EZ line products. Thinking about it I have some thin plastic rod, but reckon it might droop to much over a run like that.... Hmmm mm, do I try and retrofit, or leave it as is and take it as a lesson learned....
  5. Thanks Terry, I will have to keep my eyes open for that product, the amount of times that I knocked the wire after getting it straight
  6. I decided on using individual wire taken from a Cat 5 network cable, I don't know if it's too thick but it's the first time I have taken this extra step......I'm happy with the results but more than happy for constructive criticism! These were taken post weathering and final matt coat, once again I forgot to take photos during the processes. I must admit that I struggled with the wire aerials and might have knocked the cockpit door, aerial and pitot tube (shown in the bottom picture) off on a couple of occasions....I thought I had left it long enough in the build before fitting them, but lessons learned!!
  7. After seeing some of your other builds I'd love to follow this one..... There are sure to be some amazing skills on show!
  8. So over the past couple of evenings I have gloss coated and added the decals Like an eeedjit I forgot that I was building her with the cockpit open so had to temporarily attach the door whilst I added the decals. One they had set I carefully cut around the door and removed it again. Here and is with the final gloss coat applied to the upper surfaces, ready for lower then weathering. Any suggestions for media to add the aerials? I have seen suggestions for stretching thin wire from a vga cable or possibly even thin cotton thread.....
  9. Thank you all for the kind words! It's always great to get inspiring words from fellow modelers!! So I followed advice and gave the Mk1 another light coat of Dark Earth and allowed that to dry, it did make all the difference. Then I started applying some Dark Green, initially free hand, then I realised that my hands are that steady anymore! I applied some masking and gave her another coat, a bit cleaner this time I think....... And as she sits now. I am waiting until daylight tomorrow before applying the clear coat, just in case I'm not happy with the final effect. Really looking forward to applying some weathering! Not the best photo but I'm not sure if that's the bottle of red or dodgy lighting!!
  10. It has taken me about a month to get this far, I just haven't gathered the courage to post until now! I have already completed an FW190d And a Spitfire F Mk22/24 She will be followed by a Mossie, Hurricane and P38 Lightning. I'll try and take some more detailed pics of them. I always get too carried away though
  11. Thanks for the tip Sturmovic, I am a long way from applying any decals but will take your advice into consideration
  12. There were only minor joints that needed sanding (to my untrained eyes anyway!) I pre-shaded panel lines using my el-cheapo airbrush. I'm still learning the finer points of airbrush use, and forgot to take decent pics! I never know if I have left enough pre-shading, or just completely covered with the layers of paint. Here she is after clearcoating the underside. I had already started masking for the upper surfaces. Her first coat of Vallejo Dark Earth, again I'm not sure if I have left enough of the pre-shade showing through......... Compared to some of the models being crafted on here, I have a looooong way to go, but she is so much nicer that the hand painted kits of my youth! My attempt at adding some detail to the undercarriage legs..... you might notice photography is not one of my strongest skills!
  13. Deep breath, swallow your pride and just post the pictures!!! So........ Hi everyone! I've been hiding in the shadows admiring the amazing skills on show on this forum and have finally decided to share my partial WiP Mk1 Spitfire. She started life as a Tamiya Mk1 Supermarine Spitfire, purchased from Duxford in support of The Blenheim Society: Whilst I have carried out some minor additions to the pit, and have painted and weathered it, I forgot to take pictures!! So she miraculously jumped to this..... the wings fitted nicely without much fuss. This will be the first Spitfire I have built with an open cockpit so a steep learning curve for me!
  14. Amazing looking models being manufactured here. I hope I can get my own feeble efforts looking this good..... One day....... Maybe........
  15. One of my all time fav aircraft, the English Electric Lightning. I can still remember the sound these things make on take off! Unfortunately the canopy frosted when I sprayed her. I have tried to polish it out with little effect.... Group shot including the TSR2, Lightning and Jag. The eagle eyed among you will spot a Tiger Moth which I built after having a flight in one, amazing experience!
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