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  1. Thank you @Tony Oliver ! I'm going to order some of the micromesh and see how that goes. I've never used polishing compounds before though. Did a bit of Googling on it... is there any specific colour of compound you would use for clear parts?
  2. Sadly I have been dipping it, even a few times, but to no avail... A little bit nervous about sanding it all back again to try to eliminate the scratches, but I guess I might have to. I'll let you know how I get on!
  3. Thank you for the replies! I do like the ideas, although I think what I'm going for is more of a 'groove' type of effect which seems to be how the deck appears on the Nimitz class, at least. I think you can sort of get an idea of it in the image below. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic in thinking that effect is even possible to achieve, especially for someone as inexperienced as myself! But willing to give it a go nonetheless!
  4. Hi guys! So I'm planning on creating my own deck scene for a 1/32 Super Hornet I've finished, and my current plan is to create the rough texture using a (thinned, I guess?) putty and a 0.5 zimmerit tool along with Flightpath's tie-down set. My question is whether anyone has advice or preferences as to a particular putty to use for this? I was thinking of Tamiya Polyester Putty and thinning it with Mr Color Thinner? Would the putty go down well over wood?
  5. Thanks guys! Work took over for a while but eventually got back to it. I got myself some pigments and experimented with that. Turned out I could get the effect I wanted with the pigments thinned better than putting them on dry, and reasonably happy with the result given it's my first attempt at weathering! Another (unrelated) question if anyone could humour me... My final thing to finish is the canopy. The problem is there was a pretty ghastly mold line running down it, which I have attempted to remove using one of those multi-step nail files from Boots (had heard they were good fo
  6. Hi guys! So I've just got back into modelling following more than a decade away, working on a 1/32 Super Hornet and finally at the weathering stage. This, however, is the first time I've tried weathering (it wasn't something I probably even knew existed as a teenager..) and safe to say it's all just a bit confusing for me at the moment. So I was really hoping I could get some help with some fairly basic questions, as there is just so much (and conflicting) information out there. Can't say how many Youtube videos I've watched at this point. So.. One of the main effects I'm looking f
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