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  1. '70 Dodge Challenger T/A (2'n1) Streetburner Revell - Nr. 85-2596 - 1:24 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/158534-revell-85-2596-70-dodge-challenger-t-a-2-n1 We will call this one done. It was a pleasure to build. Top quality in every way. Paint used was acrylic and waxed with Pledge Furniture Wax aerosol. Challenger Album google+
  2. So far so good. Can't wait to give you more. Flickrhttps://www.flickr.com/gp/154999142@N05/E96N05
  3. So complete one, buy one... rinse and repeat. lol
  4. Is there a better way to post pics than using a link to my google+ ? I see other members have pics that appear embedded in their posts. I can't see anything other than the link option. Then, I have read pieces regarding photo mediums such as Flickr that seems to be encouraged. Is there much difference than G+ ? Hope you can help. Terry
  5. I started this on March 28th and finished today with about 2 hours per day. The kit is a level 4 as per the box I purchased, but a level 2 on others. Both kits are the "Ranger" version, the same kit number and are identical in piece and piece count. This sort of thing is certainly not unheard of and is a good hint as to why you should research it. See the link above for more information on this kit. There was almost no injection feathering at all. The parts were strong and of good quality with striking detail.The directions were easy and clear as always with Revell. (to my knowledge) I painted the chrome rims as I am not a chrome lover and it never fit my color scheme. A couple of other things that stood out on this one; the rear license plate is too big, instead of cutting it down I threw it into my bonus-bag for future build. The other, was the body being a struggle to fit the frame. After some sharing expletives with the dog I finally got it done. Overall I liked this build and only wish it was a 1:1. The dog concurs. See photos here::: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Google+
  6. Good plan. Hope you didn't copyright it because I'm stealing it
  7. Thanks, I tried for the vinyl look. It turned out ok, but I'm trying to get my layer count down a little better so the paint job looks more natural. I bet some of your restoration work is nice. I did decent on this one here: Click the link. My Nova SS
  8. Thank you Dennis. I'll post more now that I sure I didn't post this wrong.
  9. I have 3 more on tap. I'm fearful I'll burn out.
  10. Hey all, Hopefully I've posted this correctly. Here's my first post. I will add others as time goes by. This is my 8th build since February.
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