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  1. Really nice clean build of one of my childhood favourites
  2. This was the same kit I took on after putting modelling down over 25 years ago, how strange. Don't look like you've been away at all, superb build.
  3. I decided to start on the engine so here is the main block after primer gloss black and alclad stainless steel. I then weathered it with some of AK's top quality engine and oil staines washes. Also some oils paints of various colours. You can see the before and after weathering by comparing with the unfinished radiator.
  4. Hi guys, So this will be my next build hasegawa's 1/48 JU87-R2 which I believe is a extended range version of the B2 the only difference being two external fuel tanks. If that's not true then please correct me because I'm thinking of just doing a B2. The reason being because the 1994 decals don't look great and there's more options for B2 schemes. If anyone has some desert or winter schemes that are a bit different that they could share images of I would be most grateful so am open to suggestions. The kit looks ok I know there are some issues with the flap mass balancers or arms
  5. Looking really good, looks like the same tool as my recently finished p40e, in hindsight I wish I had attached the tail halves to the fuselage first then joined the complete two halves together because the joint just never seemed to completely disappear but it's a really nice tool
  6. Really tidy sea hurricane. Nice clean build with great paint job.
  7. Really nice Stuka, why the swap to Mr color laquers and from what if you don't mind my ask.
  8. Thanks for all you nice comments on my first build on here, can't wait to get started on the next One!
  9. Is this going any further forward? I would be interested if the price was right and I've never done anything like this before. As I have only been a member a couple of weeks would I qualify? Cheers Phil
  10. Hi corsaircorp Thanks for the comment and the sharksmouth was my first attempt at a detailed cut out thus bypassing the decal. I followed the instructions and glued the the two halves of the tail together first and then glued to the two halves of the fuselage if I was you (and if I did it again) I would probably try cutting off the locating nodules laying the halves down flat and gluing them together first so you end up with a more commonly seen complete two halves... If that makes sense.
  11. My word these are freaking awesome!!! I have a revell/hasegawa (same tool) 1/48 gr7/9 in the stash and when I see models of this quality I get very itchy to start it. Well done.
  12. Hi Jean Thanks for the nice comments, if you do get a chance to pick up this 1/48 tool it's a great kit with nice detail. I'll look out for your academy build. Cheers
  13. What does that mean? sorry only been on the forum a couple of weeks maximum
  14. I swear one minute uploading from Flickr is simple then you do exactly the same thing and.... NOTHING! What a JAR! Bare with me please
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