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  1. Amazing painting & weathering skills! Hats off! Frank
  2. Lovely build! The engine details look fantastic! Love the display too! Frank
  3. Fantastic build! One of the best ´109 I have seen! Frank
  4. Very nice looking Viper with beautiful restrained weathering! Top Work! Frank
  5. Super build & exquisite finish! One of the best Frogfoot I’ve s’en! Frank
  6. Awesome news! The B-17 is one of my favorite aircraft & my introduction to scale modeling when I was a kid with the Revell version! I was waiting this announce for years! I will definitely be a buyer but keeping some money for a potential « E » / « F » version more elegant to my eyes! For reasons mentionned above, I will keep my 2 good & old Monogram kits because they are just a joy to build & make me forget their little mistakes... cheers Frank
  7. Stunning build! Very realistic finish! I just love the dirty look you achieved! I must get one of these bird after completing of my Seafire! Frank
  8. Very nice looking Typhoon! awesome paint job & weathering Frank
  9. Very nice looking bird! Frank
  10. Fantastic model! Very good paint & weathering! Have the same somewhere in my stock to do! Just cannot find a place to park it! Maybe a Dio in « folded » configuration will do the job! Bravo! Frank
  11. Beautiful Junkers! Awesome paint skills & nice Dio. Frank
  12. Very impressive rendition of wrecked aircraft! Something rarely seen on top of that! Very realistic finish & weathering! Please post more pictures... Frank
  13. Very Nice model! Chipping effect is Very convincing! Frank
  14. Fantastic model! Very smart build & perfectly executed! Top notch! Franck
  15. Very nice Defiant! Lots of details & work here! Splendid result! Frank
  16. Very nice! I like the winter camo! Frank
  17. Very nice model! Fantastic paint work! That scheme reveal her curves beautifully! Frank
  18. Awesome schnell bomber! One of the best I’ve seen! Paint... Detail level... photos & very realistic weathering! All in 1/72 on top of that! You have precise surgeon hands sir! Frank
  19. Excellent Fitter! That polish dress suits Her beautifully! Frank
  20. Superb Hornet! One of the best Tiger Meet rendition I’ve seen! hats off! Frank
  21. Phenomenal build! Amazing modeler skills & patience. Hope we are not gonna wait another year ´til your next build! Frank
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