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  1. These decals look great and it is nice to see actual letters for the stencil decals, which is similar to Zvezda. This is a very nice looking kit - tough decision coming up. I actually do like rivets, provided it is not overboard but we will have to see once these are actually reviewed. Would love to see a review actually compare the pros & cons of these 3 choices. Price will matter and if there is any PE in the box will help.
  2. This looks like Russia's Tornado-S heavy multiple rocket launcher. This will be an impressive model at 1/35th scale!
  3. This is a very interesting subject. It is not your traditional poured resin but looks to be 3d printed.
  4. I am very excited about 3D printing and what it could mean for our hobby. This is very impressive! I have to agree a bit more parts would make painting easier but never the less that is one sweet engine. If you can print in 1/32 should you easily be able to scale to 1/48?
  5. This looks very nice indeed. The one piece canopy is nice and I like the choice of spinners. The included wing folds are a nice touch too! I will wait for a review on this site but this looks promising and should be a popular offering for Academy.
  6. The plastic looks great and I appreciate the little bit of photo etch although I am not sure what the parts are - are these really seatbelts? Also I am not a fan of their decal strategy. Their decals work great but when they do stencils, if you look closely, they are just lines, not actual words. Some won't notice once on the model but it annoys me. I would need aftermarket stencils. But overall this looks like a great kit!
  7. This is an excellent collection! Very nicely done models. You can be very proud of your Father's and your work. Thanks for posting.
  8. From your pictures this build looks flawless. Incredible paint job and this is not an easy one to get right. And the white on the decals are perfect. I would be curious as to the decals you used. I have a set of decals to do this on my Airfix TSR2 - it's a great scheme fiction or not, it just looks great!
  9. This looks fantastic! I have one I picked up at IPMS Nationals sitting in my stash and your work is inspiring me to get this one on the bench.
  10. And the small decals look like they have actual words, not just marks where words are suppose to be. I think this might be the one for me.
  11. I am going to take a wild guess. The device is designed to be aerodynamic. If smooth air is flowing over and under the wing it will hang right there and look stable from the cockpit. But if turbulent air develops along the wing the devise would no longer hang steady. I suspect this may have been an early attempt at a stall warning device. As turbulence would build up along the wing the pilot could look and see this device swinging or spinning around. I suspect these tended to fly slightly above stall speed so it would be critical if trying to gain altitude to keep it out of a stall. Worse, since this was a wing warper it would be very easy for only one wing to stall and you would end up in a spin. What I can not tell from the picture is if this could actually move around. I have a second guess if those are actually electric wires attached to the device. If they are then it could be a crude RDF mounted out on the wing to avoid radio interference from the engine.
  12. I love WWI aircraft and your build are fantastic! I checked out your website and it is just incredible. I appreciate the hard work that goes into these as I build WWI aircraft - but not to this level. The rigging looks so perfect and that wood finish is a work of art. The weathering is also amazing and in particular along the ribs. Thanks for posting
  13. This is one massive helicopter and you have done a great job on her. The size is just astonishing and this was in production. Thanks for posting and I want to add the color looks spot on perfect! I would be curious to know what you used.
  14. Harold55

    Tamiya LP Paints

    I realize this was posted a bit ago but thought I would add a bit in case anyone else brings this up. I recently finished an F1 Renault and used white, yellow and a couple other LP colors. I have to say I love these paints! You can thin them with Tamiya lacquer thinner easy enough and they level out beautifully. Also, once dry they take tamiya tape very nicely, nothing pulled up. But what surprised me is how well they work mixed with Tamiya Acrylics. I needed the yellow to match Renault yellow so I mixed it and it came out beautifully and again had no problem with tape. So I have to say I am sold on these paints!
  15. I live in a relatively good size metropolitan area but no one carries AK Interactive nor Hataka. Mission Models we do have so this will help. Tamiya is my go-to paint so would rather have Tamiya but Mission Models it will be!
  16. Well, I sold my Classic Airframes version in hopes for this and I am very pleased with my decision!
  17. Tamiya has another winner with this one, which is great news for our hobby. This is the last kit I would have guessed but I think it was a great choice on their part and brilliantly executed. Now I am going to have to get one.
  18. I for one would be interested in this. I know it is going to have lots of parts but I am fine with that. For sure I doubt there will be any need for aftermarkets and the final model should be stunning. It would be nice if they could get Lucky Models to carry this as periodically they have great deals on shipping.
  19. Well they certainly know how to make excellent large kits. So now I'm anxious to see if this is going to be in 1/48 ❤❤. I have built a couple of their newer kits and am impressed with their quality.
  20. Well this is very exciting news! Its a must have for me to add to my choppers. Interested to see the marking offered as I might need some after market decals for this one.
  21. Lovely build! I love building helicopters and really appreciate a good rotor head and yours look fantastic. Great engines too.
  22. I have the old Blue Max 504 just sitting on the shelf looking at me. Would love to get a new tool replacement that I might actually build.
  23. Let's hope Begemot does a decal set for the Mi-4. I have used them before and they were fantastic and this is just up their alley. And they do great research to back up their sets.
  24. Ruth, Another fantastic looking build you have here!
  25. I am a huge fan of WWI aircraft and looking at this I can see the amount of work that went into it and have to say it turned out spectacular. Love your rigging and the paint job you did to make the ribbing just a bit lighter looks just fantastic. Great work, beautiful model!
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