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  1. That's an amazing build. A museum piece and an award winning model you have there!
  2. I am putting this on the bench next and I appreciate being able to look at your beautiful build for some ideas on detailing. I have the Indycal decals also and nice to know that once applied they look good and the color is true. This will be my first F1 subject and first car for that matter since I was a kid. I know this was posted some time ago but do you recall the paints you used for the Yellow and White? Again, beautiful job you did on this!
  3. Almost all cold war Soviet aircraft were initially released as models based on grainy pictures from air shows. And that did not really hurt sales much until better kits came along. I say more power to them, the 3D modeling looks fantastic!
  4. I picked up one from the Eduard's booth at the IPMS Nationals in Omaha. If the demand at the show is any indication this will sell very nicely for Eduard as they were selling briskly. And looking in the box they are everything you would expect plus. A beautiful kit with numerous options to get the version you are building correct. Bravo Eduard!!
  5. 1/35th scale makes sense for this as it is not a large helicopter. And given all the stuff hanging from it it should make for a great chopper to detail up, which would be tougher in 1/48 (not that I wouldn't love it in that scale).
  6. I see very faint lines too but I can not tell if they are actually straight lines as this is a curved surface so not sure what this is. But it might disappear under a coat of paint if it is even an issue. Once released I would love to see a good review of this kit!!
  7. Personally, and only from the outside I think Eduard is a very well run company. I know where they started as I have a number of their early WWI kits and I know where they are now and it has been an amazing story to see this growth. I think they are justifiable prudent as to new project as limit the number they commit to each year. They have an excellent basis to know what might sell well give their knowledge of aftermarket sales. We can also guess about what sells well when we see reboxings and different versions of kits released. Clearly WWII fighters seem to be cash cows which will generate revenue for them for many years. I just can not be critical of a company that makes good choices, has great products and manages to stay in business. And besides, I am going to get me a Wildcat, Camel, Spit Mk.Vc & and Zero.
  8. I would echo that this is the perfect scale, at least for me as I have quite a few other Italian fighters in this scale. And it is a very interesting subject - I would build this.
  9. My favorite for inexpensive kits are older Eduard weekend edition WWI kits. Only one decal choice but excellent plastic. Old DML kits are good and cans be cheap (sometimes). I actually built quite a few Hobby Craft kits and enjoyed them. Not overly detailed but if you button them up they look good on the shelf. Monogram jets yes!
  10. Never heard of this aircraft before but I have to say it is one beautiful aircraft!
  11. I for one am very excited to see this kit (in 1/48) announced. Take a close look at the 3d rendering of those rotor heads - very impressive.
  12. These are both beautifully done and I love the one with the engine. I have an Eduard Spit project in mind and had not thought about adding an engine but now you've got my wheels turning. Thanks for posting.
  13. Ok, this is amazing! Love the FED's which really add to the kit but even without them it is fantastic. Finish is perfect and I love the touches with the oil paints.
  14. Very nicely done! I have this kit in the stash and it needs to move up a few notches in my order. Love you paint job on this plane and the weapons look perfect.
  15. This is a beautiful kit of a great aircraft. Wonder if there might be a chance to see it in 1/48?
  16. Given that one of the schemes they are offering on this first release is a yellow wing version I think I need to pick one up. Love those yellow wing planes!
  17. Regarding Bandi 1/48 armour kits I agree that these should be reissued by someone. They were great kits as this post's example points out. Tamiya seems to have done well with 1/48 armour so we know there is a market out there. The only downside is they use rubber tracks vs. the link and length method Tamiya uses, which looks much better. If reissued that would be my only change to recommend. Alternatively someone could issue aftermarket tracks for these Bandai kits.
  18. I 100% agree, particularly if you carefully trimmed them so there was no extra clear carrier film. These thick panels are about the scale size of plywood.
  19. I have to agree, particularly with masks for a fighter plane, this is pretty easy to do yourself. Anyway, I like Eduard's approach as they have both the ProfiPac line and Weekend edition for both sides of this argument and why not, it makes everyone happy. And they have a 3rd option which I just built and Overtree Tempest and I loved it. I already had decals and some leftover photo etch that worked and printed the directions out from their website.
  20. I think I am going to pick this up. Love the MI-24 and this would be great to add. I assume this will need a 3D cockpit as other Zevezda kits but the price is great so I don't feel bad about adding aftermarket.
  21. Very nicely done! Getting large decals like this to all align and lay down nicely is not as easy as you make it look, your work looks perfect to me. Love the 3 F-16's you have in your collection. I need to get cracking on a couple of mine in the stash now.
  22. Beautiful job you have done. The weathering is excellent! Seriously thinking of adding a couple of these to my collection.
  23. OMG, this is simply fantastic. It would be amazing if it were just a regular plastic model but the fact that it was vacuform coupled with all the scratch building you did make this just incredible! I love the weathering you did, particularly the underside. Very nice effect. Congratulations!
  24. I live about a mile from Wipaire in Minnesota and on the bluff above the float plane base they have on the Mississippi so my vote is for the Wipaire floats. Yes they are expensive but they are the best and as long as we are only talking about plastic we should have the best. But aftermarket floats for other brands should be made as people will want to build specific aircraft. Anyway, I am 100% in for this kit!!! I just think these are such iconic aircraft and with so many beautiful schemes.
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