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  1. I was thinking, as a surprise Eduard could release as Mk Vc with US markings similar to what Classic Airframes did many years ago. Would be a great release for the IPMS nationals in Omaha this year.
  2. I really like what you have done, it really looks great! And the pictures with the sun in the background are fantastic!!
  3. This is a beautiful chopper you have here but what a shame the windscreen was so awful. You did a great job making it work but you shouldn't have had to.
  4. Any time I see a model company design their kits so parts mate along legit panel lines I have to applaud them and from the wing on sprue that seems to be the case. I realize this seems to be a low bar but it is a pet peeve of mine so thank you Clear Prop for your good work here. I really welcome this great news from Clear Prop. Looks like they will have some stunningly good products coming out!
  5. Some clarification from A.B.&K HOBBY KITS (I traded messages with him). This is a Ukrainian company https://abkhobbykits.company.site/products/pages/about ABK Models This is a Czech company of his friend: https://www.abkmodels.cz/ Very interesting stuff on ABK Hobby Kits website. I will let him add more of his story himself.
  6. The name change, if that's the case is very confusing.
  7. I really like Airfix kits and am very excited about this release! I think I will keep my old Classic Airframe in the stash for now as it is a different version but I will most likely build the Airfix one first and then decide to dump it. Well done Mr. Airfix, I appreciate all the work that goes into a new kit!
  8. I agree with Salomon! This does look amazing and I think I might need one also. No indication on FB how much it might cost but I am sure that will be posted in due time.
  9. This really is a welcome release! I have built one AMP chopper so far and it turned out great. Does not fall together and took some actual modeling skill but the result was worth it. On the other hand I built the KP version of this one and it will go in the bin if I can pick this up as a replacement.
  10. This is beautiful, excellent finish and details. Looks good enough to hop on and go for a ride.
  11. I am thinking the exact same thing. If it were Trumpy I would never let it go but now - maybe. But building it would be a good choice. Positive bonus is we might see more decal options and after market stuff pop up now. I have been waiting for them to re-release the Maryland and was going to build them together.
  12. This looks great! Very nice job on the finish. I appreciate the comment about the seams following actual panel lines, it sure help!!
  13. I have to agree, that camo job is simply fantastic! Great build!
  14. I realize this is an old post but thought I would add something for the next browser. I have found the website Scalemates.com to be extremely useful. They have a database of most every kit and most often they have the instructions you can download. Tamiya for example has numerous US aircraft in they range in various scales and they have paint references to their colors. Some are mix ratios but they work great. Some other manufacturers also have Tamiya references in their instructions and other brands of paint also. It works as a pretty good reference.
  15. What a great build! Love the load out and I am sure it would get off the ground. Runways in SEA were very long, designed for heavy transport aircraft so I am sure it would make it.
  16. This is beautifully done! Love the fabric (decals) on the wing, they laid down perfectly and I was looking at the spoke wheels and they are amazing. I have never been brave enough to attempt wire wheels but now I think I have to give it a try. Appreciate you posting this, thanks!
  17. I really like your build! An excellent job and I like your weathering. Planes get dirty during war and there is little that can be done about it as efforts are first made to get them back into the air. It may or may not be accurate but it sure does look great! Welcome to BritModeller!
  18. What a beautiful job you have done on a unique aircraft. I myself dable in 1/48 wwi aircraft but have never heard of this plane nor the kit manufacture so now I think I need to look around for what they produce. Thanks for posting!
  19. Thanks for the review Mike. I have mine on the slow boat from China and hope to tackle it by the Spring. Yes, I too wish one scheme might have been Canadian but my wife took one look at the choices when I showed her what I ordered and she said: "Ok, as long as you do the red one" which I interpret as scheme A. So I guess its going to be the Red one.
  20. Love it! I was wondering if the intake cover came with the kit - it looks great. Cockpit turned out meet nice and I notice you spent some time on the artificial horizon too - very nice indeed.
  21. What a great job you have done here. I built this kit also (but not to this standard) and had fun building it. You line up of the corrugated wings looks perfect.
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