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  1. This really looks great! I also built the KH Jaguar and will echo your comments but at least my decals were good. But my biggest takeaway from the kit is it was just designed strangely which is what actually created most of my problems. But it is buildable with effort and as you have shown it is possible to end up with a great looking aircraft.
  2. There is a good article with photo's in the Modeling News website. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/09/preview-new-brand-with-new-boat-fore.html
  3. Thanks very much for posting this. If I can not download I am sure I can print it, which I can do to a pdf.
  4. This is beautifully done. I love your rigging job, which on a 1/72 aircraft is all the more impressive. And I think the color is perfect. Thanks for posting. And now for me to find a 1/48 kit of this....
  5. I am curious what scale it is. Anyway you did a great job on it which is pretty amazing given the rigging difficulty this would present. I have to agree that I would suggest a different kit to try this on but you have shown what could be achieved.
  6. I have to agree with you here. The old kit nice and very good for its day but the new one is leaps beyond that. The shear number of options alone would be enough to impress most anybody. But the level of detail is what gets me going. And I actually think the new dual combo is a very good deal considering everything included.
  7. OMG are these beautiful! I am almost tempted to go back and replace a couple with these. Nice to know the shipping service works without a hitch too as I think that would be the was to go. Probably need some other goodies too to help fill up the box.
  8. Picked up the Hi-Tech 1/48 Roland D.II https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hi-tech-ht006-lfg-roland-dii-haifish--224326 It is actually an interesting kit and the only game in town for this specific plane in this scale. I can not understand why some of their kits were never re-released.
  9. I do exclusively 1/48 and have a large collection of built and inbuilt planes from the great war. Rigging can be done in this scale with not too much difficulty and my preferred method is elastic thread. Eduard makes excellent kits but there are plenty of others on the market - some not work some less. But if you were willing to do scratch builds you at least have a great starting point with even a dated kit. Good Luck!
  10. I went to their facebook page and there it is in all its glory - and wonderful to see! A great addition to any French collection.
  11. Very nicely done! Like the black trim on the wings which must have been a huge amount of work to get right and appreciate anyone that can rig a 1/72 plane. Very nice indeed.
  12. I have heard great things about the 1/48 Panther they put out. My understanding is it has an interior but I could be mistaken on that. The release with the repair facility/crane looks very cool.
  13. Thanks Mike for the review. I have built the older Eduard version and it was quite nice but this is just better all around. I love the colorful options for WWI aircraft in general so this is right up my alley.
  14. So I went onto their website and poked around looking at the other versions of this kit that they have in stock. You can click on english and get two prices in US dollars and it appears $31,18 USD bez DPH means this is the price which is without VAT tax (which would be my price). Anyway, this is a very attractive price and much more reasonable than indicated in a prior post! Of course shipping will be granting naming rights to your first born child but I am ok with that.
  15. I have built the 1/48 Dauntless kit by AM and will testify that it is great - one of the best kits I've built! I think Academy owns the molds and produce versions it from time to time. I have also built the Hasegawa Dauntless and it is very good but not as good as the AM version.
  16. I have seen pictures of the crew for these and they look very cool in their space suits so if we have a boarding ladder and start cart we certainly need a crew figure and a couple support people. I am very excited about this release and sincerely hope Revell does very well with this.
  17. I am impressed at anyone that scratch builds and doubly so when the result are this good. Congratulation on a job well done!
  18. Either scheme you pick I am excited to see your build - its a worthy subject for your talents. I have seen a number of your other projects on here and they are always brilliant.
  19. I think the comment referring to "bread & butter" issue is would they come out with something that has broad appeal. Although these would most likely be previously kitted they would have a high sales potential provided they have an excellent product vs. and esoteric example of an aircraft never kitted previously. My hope is they have an excellent product with should give them the confidence to come out initially with a "bread & butter" model that will allow them to stay in business long enough to produce some more esoteric aircraft in the long run. There are just some aircraft that are needed to keep the lights on.
  20. I really like this! Is this 1/72 scale?
  21. In looking at the sprues I think you are right in that you could build almost any common version of the camel except the 2 seat trainer (for now). The number of possible schemes for this are incredible. The old version of the kit would allow for some of this but the new one will take it to the next level. The old version is indeed an excellent kit so this is a high bar they have jumped over. I like your idea of a "Camel Train" coming!
  22. I love this plane and love what you have created. The digital camo is spot on and looks very convincing. And I like that it is a clean build as I am sure stealth aircraft are kept pretty clean. Wonderful job you have done here!
  23. Excellent kit of a very realistic scenario. It is officially called a boondoggle and it is a quite common approach to purchases by the US military.
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