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  1. I am calling my first GB project complete with my clay kicking vignette. Thanks for the help along the way and keep up the good work. _DSF0015-1 by Matt Webb, on Flickr _DSF0016-1 by Matt Webb, on Flickr _DSF0018-1 by Matt Webb, on Flickr _DSF0018-1-2 by Matt Webb, on Flickr
  2. Think I'm ready to call this one complete. _DSF0015-1 by Matt Webb, on Flickr _DSF0016-1 by Matt Webb, on Flickr _DSF0018-1 by Matt Webb, on Flickr _DSF0018-1-2 by Matt Webb, on Flickr Thanks for following
  3. Thanks for the positive feedback gents. Tony, yes I think you're right, they're a little bit wider but should be approximately 9" when scaled up. I have started adding finishing touches to the model, which I should get round to completing next week all being well.
  4. I'd say figures are about 90% there now, just a few wee touch ups and adding some mud. Next stage will be to sort out the little bits and pieces to bring the scene together. DSC_2025 by Matt Webb, on Flickr DSC_2027 by Matt Webb, on Flickr DSC_2026 by Matt Webb, on Flickr
  5. Paint starting to go on, little bit of tidying round the shoulders still needed. Feedback appreciated. DSC_2023 by Matt Webb, on Flickr
  6. Progress has been very slow, mainly getting the parts together and life getting in the way. But finally have two figures put together, my first time trying something like this. Hopefully will get a little paint on them today or tomorrow. DSC_1998 by Matt Webb, on Flickr
  7. Thanks gents, hopefully I will do it justice. Made the backdrop and started on the props to support the tunnel, some further work will need to be done, but its started. In reality the props would be 9 inches approximately and the tunnel around 5 feet. This is not built to any exact known measurements but what feels about right.
  8. Cheers Ozzy, it'll be in 1/35, figures from Tamiya. Thanks Robert, fascinating and frightening at the same time.
  9. Tunnel and mine warfare was a brutal and indiscriminate method of weakening entrenched enemy positions, practised by both the German and Allied forces. The British Forces however had a significant advantage from the use of a technique called clay kicking. Initially used to excavate tunnels beneath Manchester, this method was transferred to Flanders by Major John Norton-Griffiths and the Manchester Moles. Not only was clay kicking near silent, it offered increased productivity deep beneath the battlefields through the clay. Additional background information can be found here: https://www.mining
  10. Fantastic, looks great photographed outside too
  11. Nice, good looking build and base
  12. Thanks for the tip, I'll bear that in mind. Cheers Jim, yes I was slightly dismayed when I did the eyes, hadn't thought of a wash to tone it down.
  13. My next effort in a bigger scale, no bits were lost to the carpet monster this time! Built this OTB and painted and weathered, first go at a figure too. Feedback always appreciated.
  14. Thanks Badder, I've got a 1/35th on the bench at the minute and it's a lot easier! Thanks Jim
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