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  1. A short walk around video of the diminutive Focke-Achgelis Fa 330 Bachstelze filmed at RAF Cosford during the Shropshire Modellers Show 2018. https://youtu.be/EMvppip-f1Y
  2. I’ve posted a video walk around of the Argosy in Aviation Photography. I hope it may be of use to you when detailing your build. Looking forward to seeing your finished model.
  3. Third in our series of walkarounds of under appreciated gems is the mighty Argosy. This lorry of the skies resides at RAF Cosford in Shropshire. Lancs may have had rear machine guns but this aircraft trumps that with a 25 pounder! It would be great to know if anybody here used to work on them.
  4. The Comper Swift is a tiny but mighty air racer from the 1930s. The airframe in RAF Cosford was owned by Alex Henshaw - Mr Spitfire. The lighting was challenging as it was nestled beneath another aircraft but I was able to film from all angles. Julian has some beautifully lit stills in his walkaround section so please enjoy them too.
  5. Thank you all for your input and the links to other images. I have titled the series ‘Forgotten Aircraft’ for the general audience, rather than the expert aficionados here. I have another video to share now. Should I post it here in photography or in walkarounds? It is a civilian aircraft rather than military.
  6. Thank you for the kind welcomes. There’s such a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm in this community!
  7. Thanks Chris! I don’t have an6 stills other than frames from the vid. I’ll take stills for you when I next visit, including a decent one of the office.
  8. I filmed the Boulton Paul Balliol at RAF Cosford for a friend who has fond memories of them when he served at Middle Wallop in the 1950s. The Balliol is a rather tidy aircraft but sadly came into service as the aviation world crashed through the sound barrier and jets became the power to be. Although this film was made for a friend, I thought I would share it with modellers who may be interested in modelling this forgotten classic. If somebody does make one, please dedicate it to Polish BoB hero Miroslaw Wojciechowski. My friend witnessed the fatal crash in which he was killed when a Chipmunk
  9. Good evening all! I was introduced to this marvellous forum by a lady I met at the Shropshire Modellers Show in Cosford. I’m an historian and broadcaster with a strong interest in historic aviation. I’m based near both Cosford and Duxford, rotating between both locations so I am fortunate to be able to spend time with such marvellous aircraft. HistoryNeedsYou is my company but my name is Matthew. I can be contacted here, via my website https://www.historyneedsyou.com/ or on social media by searching for HistoryNeedsYou on twitter, FB, Periscope, YouTube etc. I look forward to learning and
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