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  1. They are large panels about 1cm square. Too large for PVA. They also provide additional strength and bonding surface to the area since I'm hanging a Mk.IV long nose off of the fuselage.
  2. Tony, I tried sending you a message but the system says you can't receive any. Send me an email and we can connect. shark.can444@gmail.com. Cheers! Sean
  3. I posted this in the "Wanted" section, but thought I'd cast my net even wider. Given the number of you who have done the Airfix 1/48 Bristol Blenheim Mk. I I hope extra eyes on this might solve my dilemma. Midway through my build of this great kit I managed to drop the clear sprue on the floor and step on it - completely crushed...(literally!). I'm grafting the Classic Airframes long nose onto the new Airfix kit to make a Mk.IV and my fat foot crushed the side windows I was going to use from the Airfix kit. I've sent an enquiry to Airfix (Hornby Hobbies) to see if I
  4. What an absolute BEAST of an aeroplane! Imagine the equivalent of a 6-inch cruiser broadside bearing down on you in anger from above some country road in Falaise... I really appreciate the detail, especially the rocket arming leads hanging down as a safety precaution waiting for the Erks to connect them before the next sortie.
  5. Looks very well done. I've always liked this version of the Meteor!
  6. Awesome! In addition to the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group (www.hawkertyphoon.com), also check out Typhoon Legacy Co. in British Columbia (www.typhoonlegacy.com) - these guys are building one up from just a data plate...
  7. NA-64 Yale; Mk.IV Bolingbroke (Blenheim); Cessna Crane Should all be relatively the same size.
  8. Ben, I'll get this to you after Saturday along with detailed photos. Just have to get back up to the aviation museum to take the measurements. I'm assuming you want the 1:1 dimensions and you'll reduce accordingly per required scale? Thanks for having a go!
  9. Does anyone know of someone who can manufacture Venturi tubes in 1/48 scale on a 3D printer? I need about 20. Thanks, all. Sean
  10. Magnificent weathering. You captured the essence of these hard-working ships and heroic crews perfectly!
  11. Fantastic finish! Flawed kit? Who cares? Divert attention away with a paint job like this!
  12. An excellent build of quite an obscure subject. Really well done. Perhaps we should encourage a Group Build for WWII-era target tugs?
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