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  1. I thought I’d make this my first post on Britmodeller since the garage appears in the background of so many of my other model photos. I had no plan or intention to create a diorama like this - it just evolved over the years. In the first instance I just wanted a floor and back wall to photograph 1/6th scale bikes against, but then I found some diecast Snap-on tool cabinets on Ebay which fitted well. After that I obviously needed a bench, shelves etc, so they were duly made - and all the other clutter was added as and when I saw something suitable. One of the things I like about it is that I can put toys of just about any other scale or subject in there and it works. Here's a selection of photos taken over the last few years.
  2. Camwader

    1/6th Scale Garage

    This is a lot more than I had in mind when I started the project: Harley Davidson Fat Boy
  3. Camwader

    1/6th Scale Garage

    Thanks for the new comments since my last response. Here's a few new photos showing the mundane origins of some of the pieces in there.
  4. Camwader

    1/6th Scale Garage

    Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated.
  5. I had a model railway layout as a child which I enjoyed greatly, but moved on to other things, and all the Marklin treasures passed down to my brothers and probably ended up in a jumble sale. I have struggled for many years to resist the temptation to start railway modelling again, only because I have so many other unfinished projects on the go, both modelling and real world. After visiting The Great Electric Train Show at Gaydon a few years back my resolve failed, and I’ve started accumulating stuff for a planned, but as yet unstarted, layout. In the mean time, the railway stuff has been consigned to the garage. I’ve got a set of working test rollers in there so I can enjoy my DDC sound equipped locos. I’ve no idea when, or even if, the layout will ever become a reality, but I enjoy playing with what I've got so far.
  6. These little fellas are 1/6th scale, made from resin kits from Model Prisoners in the US. I modified them to have articulated legs and working headlights. I think if you click on the photo you should be able to see the other pictures in the same album.
  7. Graeme, The layout I'm planning will be a 1/12th scale representation of a model engineering society club layout with 7 1/4" gauge and 5 1/2" gauge tracks. The 7 1/4" will use OO rolling stock at ground level, with the 5 1/2" using N gauge stock on a raised track. I've got loads of 1/12th scale stuff that will fit in - classic cars, bikes and tractors. The beauty of this type of layout is that it doesn't have to be period or location specific - I can run anything that I like. The garage scenes are 1/6th scale with OO locos. There's no build log - it's all just spur of the moment stuff that's in there for quick photo.
  8. Bachman Class 66 in Camwader's garage
  9. Camwader

    Silent Running Drones

    Thanks for the comments guys. John_W I've got an idea for a base, but haven't got around to it yet - too many competing projects on the go. Pete in Lincs It was seeing some paper models like those (there's usually a variety on ebay) that made me look to see what else I could find, and led to the ones I bought - for a vast amount more than the paper ones. Hans If I ever get round to articulating the manipulator arms you can be sure they'll be playing poker.
  10. Camwader

    Hello from Bedfordshire

    I’m Jon, rapidly approaching the end of my sixth decade, and a modeller on and off for the last half century. I started in the’60s with Airfix planes and have made all sorts over the years. Of late I’ve made quite a few 1/6th bikes, plus a variety of other eclectic bits and pieces. I’ve also collected diecast cars - mostly 1/12th scale these days. I’ve posted stuff on a variety of forums over the years, but thought it was time I joined a UK based group.
  11. Camwader

    1/6th Scale Garage

    Bigred, I found the Grasshopper on Ebay - Tamiya made a whole range of 1/6th scale models of their RC buggies but I don't think they were ever officially imported or stocked in the UK. I only found them by chance, years after they'd ceased production. I've also got a Hornet, both bought from Japan. Just Google 'Tamiya Buggy Collection'. You don't get the scale box or instructions, I had to make those myself.
  12. Camwader

    1/6th Scale Garage

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I have fun conning people that don't know I'm a modeller in to thinking it is my real garage - usually when there's a Harley or something interesting in it. Originally it had two ends and a back, but I wanted to be able to do a video walk around of bikes in the garage, so that meant making an extra long side. Having added that it ended up too narrow, so I widened it with an extra strip of floor down each side, which also meant I could take the sides off while leaving most of the 'furniture' in place. It generally lives in my back bedroom.
  13. Camwader

    Hello from Bedfordshire

    Thanks for the welcome guys.