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    the boring side of the pond (generally called England)
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    anything that has wings and/or bombs and/or guns.

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About Me

i like any thing that resembles a warplane with a soft spot for 3 aircraft.  the F-16, spitfire (who doesn't) and the BP defiant because it is so quirky.

i mainly build 1/72 and 1/48 but i do occasionally venture into 1/32 and 1/35 AFV's and artillery

list of notable finished builds

1/48 airfix Hawker Hurricane (V good kit)

1/48 airfix defiant (another v good kit)

my first a 1/72 airfix spit

1/35 tamiya pz.II

1/72 vulcan  (big bird)

148 airfix op Herrick BAe Warrior with men


good builds on way (hopefully):


airfix 1/48 meteor F.8 (korean war)

italari 1/48 IL-2  MADE!!!!!!!!!!

and (maybe, just maybe) the 1/24 airfix Hellcat

airfix 1/76 bofors and tractor


BTW i am thoroughly bitten by 2 bugs.  the BM bug and the Modeling Bug

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