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  1. Definately Dragon over Tamiya, although Tamiya are getting better with their newer releases...
  2. Hi Andre, you are looking at A scratch build my friend looking at the pictures, it could be possible with a few TAMIYA bikes could be used. Study Tamiya’s back catalogue for a few good candidates.... Mark D
  3. Hi Dieter, Protar did indeed make the Norton Manx with fairing (I have the kit myself!) revell & Italeri have both re-issued the Manx Norton but sadly without the fairing. I have sent you a PM... mark D
  4. Thanks Guys, I will check out the links... Mark D
  5. Hi Guys, just received this new model out by Lee Witt of Fields of Glory models & so I had s few hours at it to see how it went together...seems good so far & a great looking addition to the 1/35th range of his Home front series... Started by 'tacking 'it together & checking the fit of parts was fairly good so stripped it down to start some painting...now what colour should it be??? Mark D
  6. Sorry, should have added that! https://www.fieldsofglorymodels.co.uk/
  7. Hi Guys, Lee Witt has brought out a new 1/35th scale Austin 7 to add to his Home front range... He has sent me a pre-production piece & I have put it together for some photos... A bit of clean up on parts which have been 3D rendered, some nice photo etch & some additional plastic rod for the axles... here's the first pictures...let me know what you think? Mark D
  8. Hi Wonky...Studio 27 did a conversion set a while ago for the Barry Sheene machine...hard to find but worth it! mark D
  9. damn! a least a reply would make you feel better but thanks for the tip!
  10. yep, its a bike!!! nice work Pat, got one myself to do with Bat woman....
  11. Hi, Maddy,

    I met up with you at sword & Lance recently & I’m the lad after the motorcycle lights for the 1/4th scale Ducati...

    I’m in the game for a starbug if they are recast so please add me to the list....

    ive just got the old Phoenix head busts of Rimmer, lister & kryten...need to get the kat but he is elusive!!,!

    bit of a fan of the red dwarf series so  any news is good news....


    mark dollery....

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fazer


      Hi Warren, thanks for the message...

      when you send the email, I will send you some pictures of the Red Dwarf busts...

    3. Madmonk


      Hi Mark,


      Not sure where the last 4 weeks have gone!  Are you still coming to the Northern Show on Sunday, if you are could you bring the front side light parts for the Ducati, the one that holds the 4 small lights and also the rear light part for the tube light.




    4. Fazer


      Hi Warren, thanks for the heads up & I will be up there on Sunday....see you then...

      atb Mark

  12. Hi Pete, I have been using DeVilbiss 63 for a while & it’s a great airbrush. Both washer material is good for acrylics like TAMIYA but PTFE will be more user friendly in case you wanted to use enamels & celluose based paints. cleaning is better as you can use stronger solvents in cleaning. I have sent you a pm on the washers. regards Mark
  13. Wow! Great new bodywork makes it a lovely form, Jo. Look forward to more... Mark D
  14. Great build of a classic bike! (colour is an acquired taste though!) good luck on finding the BMW...I will keep my eyes open for you!!! Mark D....
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