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  1. Hi, I am trying to contact Avielogy through their e-mail address (sales@avielogy.com) to obtain a copy of the colour instruction for that decals set (1/72) but to no avail. I bought the set on Hannants... Any kind soul would have that PDF file available and send it to me? Cheers Rudnei
  2. Many thanks! Cheers Rudnei
  3. Many thanks to all who replied so far. I gather KG496 is painted in Dk Earth/Middle Stone/Medium Sea Grey?
  4. Dear fellow modellers, I am researching about this particular Dakota, which crashed near Natal, in Brazil, while on a ferry flight, on 15 April 1944. I already know that KG508 was part of a squadron of No. 113 Wing RAF (Transport Command), as well as the names of the crew members (two RAF VR and one RAAF), all KIFA and buried at Alecrim cemetery (with CWGC headstones at their tombs), but would like to know the particular squadron the aircraft belonged to. A photograph would be asking too much, but... Best regards and many thanks for any help on this request. Cheers Rudnei
  5. Dear fellow britmodellers, I am starting to build the Meteor EE549 from the RAF High Speed Flight, finished in a shade of blue. Special Hobby instructions mention a 50-50 mixture of C370 Azure and C363 Med Sea Grey: is it correct? Are there any colours made by others (Humbrol, ModelMaster, ...) which would closely resemble the colour used on the actual aircraft? Cheers! Rudnei
  6. Dear Dennis, Paul and Peter, Many thanks for your replies. Cheers Rudnei
  7. Hi, I am trying to find out the disposition of radio antennae wires on the Spitfire marks (fighter versions) in RAF/RAAF/RCAF/RNZAF service in WWII. From what I could gather from photos, in general (as built): Marks I to V: wire running from the radio mast to a short mast on top of the rudder; wire running from the top wire to the fuselage, near the radio mast; wires running from the horizontal stabilizers, near their tips, to the fuselage sides, near the left hand-side radio inspection door and about the same position on right fuselage. Marks VI to VIII: same as above, but: wire running from the radio mast to a short mast on top of the rudder, if using rounded rudder; to an opening in the front of the rudder, near the top, if using pointed rudder. Marks IX, XII and XVI: only had the top wire, same as in Marks VI to VIII. Mark XIV: small whip antenna on the top of fuselage, offset to the right, nearer to the cockpit than to the fin. I would appreciate if you could correct me as I may have made mistakes. Cheers Rudnei
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