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  1. Not decals. Masked and painted. Numbers are spares from other kits.
  2. Fantastic build! It's beautiful! Love the weathering.
  3. Happy New Year to all my modeler friends! Now the nearly two-month-long project has come to an end. Although is was planned to finish last December, I couldn't due to some issues. I have always wanted the F-4 Phantom in my collection and now that I have finally got one! It's the J version of F-4 from US Navy and the markings are Vf-102 Diamondbacks which you do not see often like the Jolly Rogers or the 3-tone Air Force Versions. The kit is from Academy in 1/48 scale. The quality of the fit and details are acceptable but I wanted a super detailed Phantom in my collection So I decided
  4. Hello modeler friends! Managed to finish this big Russian bird during Second-time-stay-at-home-restriction due to COVID-19 pandemic. 1/48 scale 'Fullback' from Kitty Hawk, has a great exterior details, nicely engraved rivets and panel lines as well as a piece of photo-etched fret and a set of Al-31 engine nozzles. No big problem found during the build despite some minor mistakes and inaccuracies. The real problem comes with the choice of weapons. There are weapon frets as many as the part frets for the aircraft itself and more then half of the given weapons are useless. I have encounter
  5. Hello, my modeler friends! Now that I have finished this long task at last. A vintage Soviet WW2 Bomber Tupolev Tu-2S in 1/48 Scale from a Chinese company called Xuntong Models. I have never heard of this company until I found this kit and bought it. I think this is quite a young company and has only got a handful of aircraft model kits. The Tu-2 is the medium high-speed bomber of the Soviets during the WW2 and had large internal bomb bay. It can also be used as a torpedo bomber and can even match the speed of some single-engined fighters. It played a major role in the final offensive
  6. 1/48 Scale Yak-130 from Zvezda. Painted in Myanmar Air Force colors. OOB build. A well-detailed but a little sophisticated kit. Panel lines are a little over-scaled. Resin pilots are from Kitty Hawk Yak-130.
  7. Hello , I used Mr Color C119 (RLM79 Sand Yellow) and C115(RLM65 Light Blue) for the belly. Thanks.
  8. Hi there! This is my first output of 2020. Bf-110E2 in 1/48 scale from Dragon Models. A very nice kit with tons of detail. Fitting was not an issue. Built OOB. Oil drums and Jerrycans are from Bronco. A highly recommended kit!
  9. Nothing special done on them. Just masked to protect them from oversprays.
  10. Hello. This is my second chopper build and its in a big scale. 1/35 Trumpeter kit painted in Myanmar Air Force colors. OOB build with some scratch details added. Hope you like it.
  11. Excellent build. I have mine completed recently too.
  12. Hello Everybody! I recently finished the 1/48 Hellcat Fighter in the rarely seen scheme which is the British Fleet Air Arm version. OOB build but some scratch details like seat belts, gun barrels and engine wiring are added.
  13. There are still many F-7s in service. I don't think the Jf-17s are the direct replacement for the F-7s. And we got only 7 Jf-17s in the inventory.
  14. This is developed in joint by Pakistan and China. More like a copy of F-16.
  15. I totally agree with you. The kit has given an option whether to pose open or closed. I decided to go for an open petals otherwise I have to cut some parts on the root of these petal. After all, its a scale model. I assume that it looks more lively and beautiful this way.
  16. Very nice build. I will definitely buy this kit.
  17. Myanmar Air Force's newly purchased Jf-17 Thunder! The kit is from Trumpeter in 1/48th scale. Last year I have built and posted the Myanmar Air Force Jf-17 in the digital camo(What-if)scheme. But in this model, the camo is identical to the real ones as I had a chance to attend the official commissioning ceremony of these new jets and to took photos. Cockpit is upgraded by photo etch parts from Dream Model. Decals are custom printed and are a bit out of scale and untidy. Thanks.
  18. Yes. I agree with you but after all its a scale model. I think its more lively this way for a scale model.
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