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  1. Thanks for the feedback I spent ages trying to work out how to fix the them. I know nothing about motorcycles so pure guesswork
  2. I really enjoyed this really intricate to build - loads of detail - but exceptionally well-made kit. Definitely worth the money
  3. This is my lockdown project. I know nothing about motorcycles in real life but I'm really enjoying building this so much detail. Only done the engine so far but really detailed and satisfying
  4. Amazing build. I've just started this - I'm enjoying it -feels like a really well made kit after some of the Revell builds I've done
  5. Wow - that is phenomenal - the detail is amazing. I am surprised it only took 6 months - so much to look at and lights as well!
  6. I don't normally do military vehicles. I enjoyed this especially the detail in the engine and chassis. Unfortunately I think I must have bent it when constructing as certain bits didn't really line up!!
  7. Amazing! I am in awe of scratch builders. I don't know how you do it
  8. Finished this with a few parts missing . Very fiddly painting and sticking all the clear parts round the cockpit.
  9. Looks really smart. Nicely painted and cool that it's lit
  10. This has taken months and I am feeling pleased to have completed it. My first go at any sort of rigging - achieved thanks to the helpful tips from guys on this forum. It's very satisfying when it all comes together at the end.
  11. Thanks for this - don't know why I couldn't work it out myself. After wasting several hours over the past few days I have done it in under 5 minutes using this technique. Really appreciate all the responses. This is a great forum
  12. Hi, I am trying to build the Revell Titanic and it has simple rigging on it. I have got to a part where I have to thread two pieces of he supplied cord through one 0.5mm hole. I am really struggling to do this and am wondering if anyone has any tips. I ave to thread two cords through one hole in the deck in order to support the masts :-) Apologies if there is already something on the forum about this but I cannot find it. Thanks A frustrated modeller!
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