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  1. Fantastic - the detailon the inside is rally impressive. I enjoyed looking at the pics
  2. Nice looking car :-)
  3. IanJohnB

    Humbrol satin enamel paint is very thin?

    Thanks for this. I have decided to use Revell SM363 instead - it's a slightly different shade but it does have much better coverage. I'm very reassured that the consensus seems to be that it is the quality of the paint and not my competence!!
  4. IanJohnB

    Humbrol satin enamel paint is very thin?

    Ok feel much better - it is hu163 enamal that finally prompted me t write this post. I guess it's patience and perserverence that is required. Ian
  5. Hi. I am brush painting humbrol satin paints and despite mixing them endlessly they always seem very grainy needing lots of coats. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?
  6. Here is my second model. It isn't brilliant and has a number of pieces missing (lost in the carpet - dissolved by the glue!!). I have learnt lots doing this model: useful thngs like not painting parts where they are going to be glued as the adhesive simply dissolves the paint and it is necessary t create a bit of a sticky mess with paint and glue to get stuff to stick. I painted everything before I started construction. I've noted that others only pain what they have to before sticking things together and that this contributes to the good finishes I see on here. So with apologies to all the experts on this forum. Here is my poor effort - lets call it a training ship (TS Belfast :-))
  7. IanJohnB

    Nervously tapped the 'New Topic' button...

    Hi, Its great that you have signed up - you will find people are great on here. I only joined a couple of weeks ago and have found people to be very welcoming and encouraging. I am still trying to find my way around this massive forum and feel a bit overwhelmed. It was with some anxiety that I posted pictures of my first model - but I need not have worried, people have been so kind and positive and I have also been given a few tips that will be helpful for future models. I certainly plan to swallow my pride and share future (probably embarressing) models and to try to be involved. So welcome to this really intersting forum :-) Ian
  8. Wow - that is impressive - especially the base which adds a sense of movement
  9. This is my first model for 42 years. My son bought it for me and I had to relearn how to model. It is poor by comparison with most of the models on here but I am pleased with it as a first effort. It's important because it has got me back into tis excellent hobby (which might become an obsession) after four decades of doing 'sensible' things. Lots of errors on here the main one being I destroyed the NCC- 1701 decal and had to replace it with NCC - 1017 (really bad news for those Trekkies) :-(
  10. IanJohnB

    Yeovil Show Saturday 24th

    Thanks Neilh and Jabber - I shall try and follow up on these
  11. IanJohnB

    Yeovil Show Saturday 24th

    Really enjoyed the show - my first ever one. I was a bit intimidated by the standard of the models - they were amazing. Are there any plastic modelling clubs in Yeovil? - the only club I spotted was a model boating club which was brilliant but a bit to specialised for me.
  12. IanJohnB

    Hello from Somerset

    Hi I'm Ian and I have just returned to modelling after about 40 years. I used to make Airfix models in a day, painted with one brush and no thinners - a sticky gluey mess. But I am now a convert and am enjoying returning o modelling at a time of life when I can afford to spend time and a little more money. My son brought me a Revell Starship Enterprise for my birthday last May and since then I've been hooked. I have enjoyed learning from YouTube and recently went to the Yeovil Modelling Exhibition and saw some great models. I am very much a novice - taking my tome and building the Airfix HMS Belfast at the moment.